Link Whisper Review: Why We Love It

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The first time we heard about Link Whisper, it intrigued us. It seemed like a powerful tool that combined automated internal linking as well as on-page SEO (a hard thing to do). We were initially concerned since there were no comprehensive reviews of the tool online and it was relatively new. However, our team of SEOs had experience with similar tools and figured using them together would be a nightmare. After using the paid version of Link Whisper for over a year, I saw it wasn’t the case. In this Link Whisper review, we’ll explain why we have made it an integral part of our content publishing process for the past year.

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Below are the key features that we love about Link Whisper.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the core feature of Link Whisper and what makes it a valuable SEO tool for WordPress. The plugin uses AI to determine what other pages on your website or blog the current article should link to. For example, while writing this review, Link Whisper suggested that we link to some of our SEO articles and other tools. See below for a screenshot of the recommendations.

Image 24

Inbound Links

Another outstanding feature called “Inbound Links” automatically searches your other posts that could contain internal links to your newly created content. This is hugely beneficial so that you don’t have to go through all of your previous articles that may be slightly related to the new content and find anchor text to add links to.

You can provide suggested keywords to the internal linking tool so that it will pick anchor text in other articles that will help you rank for your target keyword in the new article. If you use Yoast, Link Whisper will pull keywords from there as well. You can get more keywords with SEO tool such as Semrush or KWFinder.

Image 25

Broken Link Checker

Have you ever had someone reach out to you as part of a link-building campaign telling you that an old link on your post doesn’t work anymore and that you should add their link instead? How about a link to an Amazon affiliate product that no longer exists. That’s where the Broken Link Checker feature comes it. The automated report will tell you what articles have broken links so that you can quickly go and fix them.

Internal Links Reporting

If you have tens or hundreds of posts already on your blog before you install Link Whisper, it can be overwhelming to know which posts to begin updating first. That’s where the Internal Links Reporting comes in. The overall dashboard gives you the number of articles that have issues for internal links, orphaned posts, or broken links. Clicking on the buttons or tabs then gives you more details about which posts have the issues and how you can fix them.

Internal Links report
The Internal Links Report gives you an overview of your website

Clicking on the “Orphaned Posts” shows my which posts have no internal links pointing to them:

Orphaned Posts report - Link Whisper Review
The Orphaned Posts report shows me that I have a lot of articles with no internal links pointing to them

Cross-site Linking

One of the newest features is “cross-site linking” which lets you connect multiple websites that you own together so that you get link suggestions across websites. We have several musical instrument websites and this feature has been really helpful for linking all of them together. This way we get high-quality backlinks from sources that we trust plus we might get some traffic to those other websites.

Link across websites that you own - Link Whisper Review

Other Great Features

  • Google Search Console Integration: Connect Link Whisper with Google Search Consoel so you can see what keywords are driving traffic to your posts.
  • Click tracking: Don’t worry about messing with Google Tag Manager (it’s a pain, we’ve tried several times). Use Link Whisper’s built-in click tracking to know what links your readers are clicking on.


Does It Really Work?

Yes and very well. We had been using the plugin on this site for a while before we tried it on one of the affiliate marketing websites. We spent about two hours updating old articles with internal links using the built-in reports. Within two weeks our traffic nearly doubled for the articles that we updated.

Given the nature of SEO and how many factors influence it, it’s hard to provide analytics data to show you how well it worked visually, but we have noticed upticks in traffic on several of our websites whenever we enable Link Whisper on them and update a few posts with internal links.


Link Whisper offers three paid plans with the following annual prices:

Link Whisper Review - Pricing Plans
There are three paid plan options and a free option.
FeatureFreeSingle Site License3 Site License10 Site License
Number of WebsitesUnlimited1310
Automatic Link Suggestions
Internal Links Reporting
Bulk link insertionCopy and paste only
Broken Link Checker
Bulk link changer
Cross-site linking

While Link Whisper does offer a free plan, we recommend paying for the premium plans. The time savings alone from not having to copy and paste will pay for the annual subscription.

Our Overall Review of Link Whisper

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We hope you liked this Link Whisper review. We wanted to be as honest as possible since we do really love this tool for SEO. Here’s a summary of what we like and dislike.

What we love about Link Whisper

Overall we love how easy Link Whisper is to use. It’s really easy to add internal links to a new or existing post and the internal linking is great for SEO. We honestly would have bought the tool just for that, but the broken link checker and other tools are great extras.

Where we see improvement opportunities

Over the last year of using Link Whisper, we haven’t come across many concerns. The biggest frustration we’ve had is the UI with the Gutenberg editor (we were using the Classic Editor until recently) which sometimes impacts the size of text boxes and other common UI components. This has not directly impacted the functionality of the tool at all, though.


What Link Whisper Alternatives Are There?

There are a number of Link Whisper competitors now:

  • Rank Math: A great SEO tool, but does not include the broken link checker or other reports. The free version will have a version of an internal linking tool, but will be limited to pre-defined keywords.
  • Autolinks Manager Pro: This tool allows you to set pre-defined keywords as anchor text will automatically be converted to links that you define. It does automatically find new internal links that you should include.
  • Internal Link Juicer: Similar functionality to Link Whisper (and free), but users have claimed that it slows down their site and sometimes doesn’t uninstall.

Why did we pay for Link Whisper instead of using the free version?

We tried the free version of Link Whisper, but realized within 5 minutes of using it that we would have to upgrade to the paid version. The free version shows you what internal links to include in the article, but you need to manually search in your content for the anchor text and manually copy the link into the content. The paid version of the plugin lets you quickly add multiple internal links at once to your content.

Can you delegate internal linking to virtual assistants or outsource it?

Yes, as long as the person you are delegating link building to has access to your WordPress and can edit/update articles. We have our content manager include internal links.

Will the links built disappear if/when Link Whisper is deactivated?

No, the links will stay on your site. They’re embedded within the post. If you only want to buy one license, you can deactivate the license on a site that you are not actively updating and activate it on another website.

Can the links open in a new window?

Yes, Link Whisper has a setting that can open internal and external links in new windows. We recommend setting it so that internal links open in the same window (to increase Google Analytics’ “Session Time”) and external links to open in a new window/tab.

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