How Many Words Are in One Page?

“How many words in one page?” There is no definitive answer. The ballpark figure is 500 words for a single-spaced document and 250 words for a double-spaced. The reason behind the general estimation because there are a variety of factors like spacing and the type of font that can influence the total number of words. 

How Many Words In One Page Writing Assignment?

The number of words on one page ranges from 250 (single-spaced) to 500 (double-spaced). However, the exact word count will vary.

For instance, if you are following a style guide like  MLA and APA, you will need to adhere to the required format like: 

Despite the similarities between these styles, there are key differences. For example, MLA does not have specific formatting guidelines for headings, while APA headings do.

So, when you’re unsure about your requirements, always double-check and clarify the assignment instructions.

In Google Docs

You can find the default settings of Google Docs in the page setup menu.

By default, Google Docs uses one-inch margins on a letter-sized (8.5 by 11-inch) document. The font is 11-point Arial, while the default line spacing is 1.15.

With the default settings, a single page of Google Docs holds between 500 and 600 words. With double spacing, a Google Docs page contains between 250 to 325 words.

In Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word has a default margin size of one inch and a page size of 8.5 by 11 inches. The default font is 11-point Calibri, while lines are single-spaced. Newer versions of Word also add an eight-point space after each paragraph. Some teachers do not want this extra space, so be sure to remove it.

With these settings, a single page in Word holds approximately 550 words. Double-spaced, the number is 300 words, and at one and a half times (1.5 spacing), it is 400.

Average Number of Words and Pages 

If you are wondering about the number of words or the number of pages, you can refer to the table below.

Seven Factors that Affect Word Count In One Page

Word length, line spacing, margin size, paragraph length, font size, and font type can affect how many words are on one page. Fortunately, many of these have a small effect.

  1. Font Size: You measure fonts in “points,” where 1 point is 1/72nd of an inch. Bigger fonts mean fewer lines on the page. On a standard letter page with one-inch margins, you get 65 lines of single-spaced 12-point font.
  2. Font Type: Your font type won’t affect the height of your words, but it may make them wider. In monospaced or fixed-width fonts, all letters are the same width. You can use the letter x to measure font width in other font types.
  3. Word length: Opting for longer words can drastically reduce the number of words needed to fill a single or double-spaced essay. For instance, instead of aid, you can use assistance. 
  4. Spacing: Spacing, like font size, will change the number of lines you can fit on a page. In single spacing, each line is the height of one letter in the point size you are using. Double spacing doubles this height, making each line take up twice as much space.
  5. Margin Size: When you change the margin size on a page, you increase the distance of letters from the edge of the paper.
  6. Paragraph Length: The main way paragraph length affects word count is through “orphans.” These are single words, or short phrases, which wrap around to the next line. Many orphans result in fewer words per page.
  7. Headings and Subheadings: Headings and subheadings are often in larger point font. They may also have more space before and after them. Because of this, headers can take up a lot of space and reduce the words on a page.


The number of words varies based on your style guide and word processor. Factors such as line spacing and margin size also change the number of words on a page. A good estimate is that one page contains 500 single-spaced or 250 double-spaced words. However, factors like font style and word length (or the number of characters in one word) can influence the word count per page. 

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