Daily Journal Prompts to Inspire You to Write

Writing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a notebook is more than a hobby. It positively impacts your well-being because you can express your thoughts and emotions that aren’t easy to communicate with others. However, some may struggle with daily writing, asking questions like “what should I write about?” If you are one of them, our list of daily journal prompts can kick-start your journaling habit. 

What Are Daily Journal Prompts?

Daily journal prompts ask the writer about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a journal. They differ from narrative writing prompts because they don’t have a specific topic assigned and often ask the writer to reflect on themselves or their day.

You’ll need the best writing utensils or a computer to start journaling. It’s good to write in short spurts, but you should also mix it up with some that are longer.

Journal Prompts for Everyday Life

a woman using a pen and notebook to journal her everyday life.

If you are having difficulty getting started, try journaling your current life. Some journal prompts ask you to think about what happened that day, while others will ask you to share your feelings. Try to write down what you ate, how you felt, and your goals for the day. Some examples of journaling prompt that could help you get started are:

  • What I ate during the day
  • Emotions I experienced today
  • My five favorite activities
  • What was my day like
  • How I felt about what happened today
  • What I did well today
  • My personal development plan

Journal Prompts for Self-Care

If you can’t recall the last time you pampered yourself, it’s time to make self-care a part of your routine. Self-care is the most important thing because it can positively impact your outlook on life and improve mental health, energy, and concentration. If you want to be more proactive while improving yourself, try journaling your goals and dreams. Here are some examples of self-care writing prompts:

  • My favorite activity to do alone
  • My hopes for today
  • How I’m doing today
  • My goals for this month
  • A time I had a positive experience during the day
  • My accomplishments this month
  • My self-care plan
  • What I need to do next week

Journal Prompts for Mood Check-Ins

a woman writing her mood check-ins in a notebook.

Many struggle to maintain their moods when they’re going through difficult or stressful times. Journaling is an excellent way to track your positive or negative emotions. Some good examples of journaling prompt for mood check-ins include:

  • A time I felt happy during the day
  • My mood today
  • A time I felt proud of myself
  • A time I felt lonely during the day
  • What stresses me out the most at work
  • A time I felt excited about something
  • A time it was hard for me to be alone
  • A time I felt grateful

Journal Prompts for Accomplishments

By journaling down your accomplishments, you can build confidence by recalling what you have done. This will help you remember goals you’ve met and whether or not you are doing well in other areas of your life. Try to write daily, so you’ll see how much progress you’ve made. Remember, writing about your accomplishments doesn’t have to be something from your bucket list; it can be small things like stopping a bad habit. 

  • What I accomplished today
  • My favorite way that I got an accomplishment done today
  • Something I did well today
  • How I felt about my accomplishments this month
  • What I want to accomplish this week
  • What I did well this month
  • My personal development plan
  • My biggest challenge this month

Journal Prompts for Creativity Boost

woman thinking what to write about in her journal

It can be hard sometimes to come up with new things to write about. With creative writing prompts, you can teach yourself how to use your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. We have compiled a list of creative writing prompts that we think might help the next time you’re looking for inspiration:

  • A memory from your childhood
  • A conversation you had with an animal
  • How would it feel if you were invisible
  • What will you do if you get a billion dollars?
  • What was your first memory after being born?
  • Describe what it’s like to feel the warm sand between your toes while hearing the sounds of a busy beach.
  • A person you admire
  • What it would be like to win an Academy Award.

Journal Prompts for Anxiety and Depression

Journaling can be helpful for those who are struggling with anxiety and depression because you can freely express your thoughts and emotions. Below are examples of writing prompts for those coping with anxiety and depression:

  • What is the worst part about being anxious?
  • What can I do before doing something that makes me nervous?
  • When did I start feeling anxious, and why?
  • What’s the thing that helps me cope with anxiety the most?
  • What is something I’m worried about right now?
  • What is the worst thought I have about myself?
  • What does feeling anxious make me want to do?

Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

Journaling is another excellent way to find out more about yourself. By writing about who you are and what you believe in, you can begin to understand your thoughts and feelings. Here are some examples:

  • How I define love
  • What is my favorite color 
  • When did I feel most like myself this month?
  • What is an area where I lack freedom?
  • A time when someone else described me well, and it made me feel good.
  • A time when I was criticized, and it made me feel good
  • When did I feel most proud of myself this month?

Journal Prompts for Gratitude

A woman holding a pen to write what she is grateful for.

 Journaling gratitude prompts can help you stay positive and motivate you to do better things. The best part of this exercise is that it makes you focus on the present because, many times, we stay focused on the future or past without acknowledging our blessings in life. Here are some examples of gratitude journal prompts:

  • My favorite thing about my life right now
  • What I am hyper-aware of right now
  • My biggest blessing this month
  • What I’m grateful for today
  • What I did well this month in my relationships
  • What I accomplished this month that I am proud of
  • What is the best part of my day now?

Journal Prompts for Personal Growth

 Journaling personal growth prompts can help you see where you want to improve or change your life. It also enables you to track how much progress you’ve made in certain areas of your life. These prompts are a great way to motivate yourself to learn and grow. Here are some examples of reflective writing prompts for personal growth:

  • What can I do to improve my style
  • What I would change if I could
  • What challenges have I faced this month in my personal life
  • What I learned about myself this week
  • My biggest challenge this week
  • What I want to improve on in my life right now
  • What I want to accomplish in my career right now

Start Your Journaling Journey

Journaling is an excellent way to explore who you are because it is a simple activity that requires minimal effort. But more importantly, it can help you reflect on what’s truly important in your life and what’s not. Try to pick up your journal daily and use these daily journal prompts to learn more about yourself.

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