Review: Can It Write Better Than a Human?

As technology advances, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more common. From helping customers find the best products to answering your questions, AI has come a long way. is an outstanding service company that leverages artificial intelligence to make copywriting easy by essentially writing your copy for you. It helps you generate written content within seconds and makes your draft look as authentic as possible. It is an excellent tool that will help you create content to market yourself and your business. You only need to visit their webpage and create an account.

Want to try for free? has a free 7-day trial so that you can test it, too! Plus, get 40% off discount if you sign up for an annual plan within 4 days.

TRY COPY.AI FREE has different monthly plans you can purchase and also a free 7-day trial. It will help you get more improved and accurate writing suggestions. The tool also offers multiple content templates for different writing scenarios. Here is an in-depth review.

What Is is an AI-powered content writing tool that claims to help people write better content. They bill themselves as an “automated creativity tool” that can be used to “generate marketing copy”.

Copyai wants to help, not replace, copywriters.’s marketing language offers to help create copy, not replace copywriters

According to LinkedIn, the company currently has 19 employees. They have raised $2.9MM from Sequoia Capital and several other investors according to Crunchbase.

Why Do You Need an AI Copywriter?

They’re affordable

In 2021, the average cost of copywriting services ranges from $25 to $25K per page depending on the type of content and topic. and its competitors cost less than $50 per month which in comparison is a lot cheaper, especially when you’re not limited in the number of pages you can create with the software.

They help you write better copy

Even the most experienced copywriters will benefit from copywriting software. Copywriting software aggregates the best of the best copy as inputs to their models so they always know what will resonate with customers.

They cure writer’s block

Writer’s block is one of the worst things that can happen to a writer. AI copywriting software cures writer’s block by giving you new ideas about what to write.

Makes writing faster

Finding the right next sentence or word can be challenging, especially if you’re dealing with writer’s block. Copywriting software gives you new ideas which will allow you to continue writing instead of thinking.

Who Should Use claims that just about anyone who writes can use their tool including bloggers, marketers, copywriters, social media managers, and more.

Judging by the number of templates available, we think this is a fair assessment.


There are unique features in the tool that help you create compelling blog openings. If you want a catchy intro, will give you the best suggestions that are informative, tone-friendly, and plagiarism-free. If you search for something on the title and description search bars, you will get multiple results, but don’t press the more suggestions button too quickly, or a notice will appear asking you to slow down. Content-specific searches will provide more accurate results relevant to the title you are writing about in a piece.

Image 20’s process seems simple


There are over 60 templates that will let the tool create copy that fits what you are looking for. The content you can create includes digital ad copy, social media content, website content, eCommerce copy, blog content, and sales copy. Once you select the template, you will be asked to provide a few details about your company to help tailor the copy to your needs.

Some of the most popular templates include:

  • Blog Ideas: Quickly generate a list of potential blog topics.
  • Product Descriptions: Get AI-generated product descirptions that you can use in your Amazon or other eCommerce description.
  • Instagram Captions: Get a list of potential Instragram captions that you can use in your posts.
  • Bullet Point to Blog Section: Just give a list of bullet points and have content automatically created.
  • Ad copy: Create copy for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads.


The program also supports several languages, including Chinese, European languages, Japanese, Portuguese, Brazilian, and much more. can also help you develop ideas for viral marketing, e-commerce, viral trends, start-ups, names, etc. The whole concept of the tool is to generate new ideas for your writing piece during content creation.

The AI-driven language model of the product helps thousands of people save time while writing. The quality of the content is undoubtedly high since you get to choose what version of the content you want to use. review features are straightforward, and you only need to select from the templates to narrow your search.

Demos of Using

In order to give you a full review of, we signed up for the free trial and ran several examples through the tool to demonstrate the power of

In this section and the Accuracy section below, we used the following examples:

  • How to replace your showerhead
  • What is in a flu shot
  • How to forgive someone
  • Ammoon oboe product description

These are the same demos we used with, so should give you a good comparison if you are evaluating AI content writers.

Generating Article Titles and Copy Ideas

Since we are a title and headline website, generating compelling headlines is important to us. We decided to test’s “Blog Title” tool with our showerhead article.

Creating Long-Form Content does not have a “long-form content” template like, but we were able to simulate long-form content creation using the “Blog Outline” and “Explain Like I’m 5” features. Watch the demo below to see how we used these features to begin creating long-form content.

Given that AI-created content still requires a lot of fact-checking and editing, we think that these extra steps are ok and lead to content that requires less editing than Jasper’s.

Using the Simplify Sentences Tool to Rewrite Content

The “Simplify Sentences” tool rewrites the content you submit. This helps improve your writing. To evaluate this tool, we took paragraphs from two existing articles on our other websites and ran them through the tool. Check out the results below: Pricing

First, you will enjoy a free seven-day trial before you buy a monthly or annual plan. You can utilize the free trial to navigate through the features available as you work.

Want to try for free? has a free 7-day trial so that you can test it, too! Plus, get 40% off discount if you sign up for an annual plan within 4 days.


With this package, you are limited to 100 runs per day. The customer service department also offers 24/7 email support in case you get any difficulties using the platform.

When the free trial period is over, you can choose between the solo monthly plan and the multiple-seat custom. The Solo package is $35 per month, and when billed per year, it amounts to around $420. You can then enjoy unlimited runs per day, tools, the newest features, 24/7 customer services support, and a premium community.

The multiple seat package has access to all tools available on the solo option but with a collaboration feature which makes it ideal for large organizations. The price quotes are available at the customer’s request, and payment is on an annual basis. As one of the topmost players in AI technology, its prices are very competitive and customer-friendly. It is a handy tool for content creators or marketers, as it helps your work be highly efficient and reliable. You can grow your business or employment status by investing in it.

What Is in the Free Trial Option?

To see if is the right solution for you, you can always try the free trial. You do not need to enter your credit card details to enjoy their free trial. You only need to open an account with them and start utilizing your daily runs. You also gain access to all their tools which includes templates such as:

  • Product descriptions
  • Social ads
  • Start-up tools
  • Website copy ( landing page hero text, meta descriptions, e.t.c.)
  • Email/ letter ( thank you note, follow-up emails. e.t.c.)
  • Social media content creation
  • Sales copy
  • Writing tools
  • Brainstorming tools
  • Personal tools

A free trial will give you a quick and easy experience, where you select a copy type, describe your product, then see your results and edit. There will be ten results displayed at a time, and you can continue trying the tool until you find what you need.

In the pursuit of a faster, fresher, and better copy, over 100,000 people globally have signed up for this year. Signing up will also help you avoid stagnant writing, stale copies, missed deadlines, and uninspired writing. makes writing fun because it allows you to write like a pro on any level, abstract thought, sentence, or word.

Is There a Discount?

Yes! If you sign up for a free trial using this link you can upgrade to an annual plan for 40% off!

About the Company

Founded by Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian in 2020, is a business that empowers and automates manual tasks. Initially, these investing buddies were exploring different ventures until they coined the idea of investing in AI technology. By combining machine learning and human aspects, the founders created a platform that costs less than their rivals.

It also combines functionalities such as workflow management, content management, and writing assistant. uses the GPT-3 machine language to brainstorm topics for crafting content during the copywriting process. It uses an algorithm based on data mining capabilities to automatically write articles in multiple formats, including blog posts and summaries. is a great tool that is constantly evolving through more investments and innovation from its developers. Recently, the company raised $2.9 million for funding features and tool development (16th March 2021). Among its investors are Craft Ventures, Atelier Ventures, and Sequoia Capital. Alternatives and Competitors

There are many alternatives and competitors to choose from such as ShortlyAI, CopySmith,, and Content Villain. All of these platforms use the AI GPT-3 (OpenAI) platform. competitors are primarily interested in sentence editing rather than creating extensive content with the correct facts and ideas. When you generate large amounts of content, you can finish writing a blog, article, or letter within a short time. Furthermore, provides you with high-quality results that you can easily edit after fact-checking and proofreading your work. As a top player in this space, its competitors do not stand a chance against its extensive features, cost-effective prices, and continuous innovations.

Most competitors are still developing their features and tools, making it among the best-ready-to-use options available in the market. While ShortlyAI might be a better alternative, it could be inconvenient at times. It does not have as many choices, and you may end up deleting some suggestions you do not like leading to time wastage. vs Copysmith and Copysmith are both great options for copywriting. The main differences are in the limits ( gives unlimited while Copysmith only gives 50/mo in their base package), supported languages (13 for vs. 110+ for Copysmith), and the number of forms/commands available (80 for vs. 29 for Copysmith). Copysmith is more affordable at $16/mo for their base package compared to $35/mo for vs and (formerly and are fairly similar. offers both forms and an editor, 50+ forms/templates, and over 25 languages.

The biggest difference between the two AI writers is that Jasper’s Pro and Boss Mode packages included “long-form content” generators that try to create full-length blog posts and articles. is missing this feature although does fairly well with the “Blog Outline” plus “Explain Like I’m Fine”. Using these two features combined seems to produce results comparable to Jasper’s.

Their pricing plans range from $29/mo (20K words/mo) to $119/mo (unlimited words). Their plans also include access to their copywriter’s community. is certainly a more affordable option than Plus, you can get 40% off using this link.

Bottom Line

Content creation, marketing, and business development are made easy with Copy AI. Signing up takes a few minutes then you are good to go. Start a free trial now to find out if it is right for you before upgrading your subscription. Multiple meet custom is an excellent option for large companies and will enable them to accomplish their goals more efficiently. You can sign up for an account and get the best content writing assistance.

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