31 Cool Office Desk Essentials You Should Consider Buying

Looking for ways to spice up your office? Whether you want to make your actual office desk less boring or you want to add a touch of class to your home office desk, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of our favorite office desk essentials.

1. Organizer blocks

If you’re looking to quickly get organized, these blocks with add an elegant solution to your desk. Stop wasting time searching for things and use these bamboo wood fiber orgranizer cubes. This is an office desk essential.

Organizer blocks - Home Office Desk Essentials

2. Otto The Otter Tape Dispenser

This cute desk companion will always have tape ready for you. Everyone “otter” have one of these on their desk!

Otto The Otter Tape Dispenser - Home Office Desk Essentials

3. Datexx The Miracle TimeCube

Easily keep on task by setting an timer with this block. Just set the time you want ( 1, 3, 5 and 7 minutes) facing up and get to work. Great for using the Pomodoro Technique for productivity.

Datexx The Miracle TimeCube - Home Office Desk Essentials

4. 6-Outlet Extender with 2 USB Charging Ports

Never run out of space for charging your devices. Uses one outlet and converts it to the equivalent of four. It also includes a nightlight.

6-Outlet Extender with 2 USB Charging Ports - Home Office Desk Essentials

5. TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender

If you’re always struggling with your WiFi signal disconnecting, you might need this handy extender. This will broadcast your WiFi signal through your house so that you can watch Netflix from every corner of your home. You better change your network password or your neighbors may start using your WiFi as well.

TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender

6. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Perfect for if you like sipping your coffee over hours instead of chugging it down while it’s still hot. This 17 watt mug warmer will keep your coffee, tea, hot cocoa & more warm while you chat away on Zoom calls.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

7. Rainbow Maker

Brighten up your work day with this solar-powered rainbow maker. Just attach to a window and watch the rainbows radiate in.

Rainbow Maker

8. YAMAZAKI home Tower Desk Bar

Get organized with this desk bar. Put small things like coins, keys, pens, and other items in the lower tray. Put watches and other jewelry on the bar and tall things in the vertical holder. An elegant way to hold your loose items.

YAMAZAKI home Tower Desk Bar

9. Dammit doll

Throwing things as an adult is generally frowned upon, but If you’re having a particularly down day a dammit doll may be your best friend. Better than a stress ball, we guarantee it.

Dammit doll

10. Adhesive Desk Drawer

If all you need is a small storage drawer for those pens rolling around your desk, then this adhesive desk drawer is the perfect solution. Quickly and easily clean up your desk. Just peel, stick, and slide open.

Adhesive Desk Drawer

11. Beetle Ladybug Desk Vacuum

The perfect size to keep your desk and keyboard clean. This cute ladybug will certainly make a colorful statement on your desk.

Beetle Ladybug Desk Vacuum

12. Table Tennis Notebooks

Take a break and play some table tennis anytime your feeling bored. Just close the notebooks and start playing. Each notebook has a 100 pages of lined paper and the paddles have rubberized covers for real ping pong paddle feel and traction. If you’re in the office, just quickly open the notebook when your boss walks by to pretend you’re actually working.

Table Tennis Notebooks

13. Pens your coworkers will never steal

Feel like you’re always losing your pens to klepto coworkers. No more! With these unique novelty pens with funny phrasings, you will never be asked to borrow a pen again.

Pens your coworkers will never steal

14. A handy pen holder

If you struggle to keep your desk clean of pens, pencils, and other tall objects, you may just need a helping hand. This pen holder should do the trick. It also has a magnetic end to hold paper clips and other office supplies.

A handy pen holder

15. Bamboo montior stand with organizers

Give your desk more space with this monitor stand that doubles as storage. Plany of shelves, drawers, and dividers for phones, notebooks, pens, and more.

Bamboo montior stand with organizers

16. Desk fan

Cool off with a portable desk fan. They take up minimal space and give you a refreshing breeze when the (home) office is overheated.

Desk fan

17. Cable clips

Never lose your laptop charger cord behind your desk again. This set of 16 cable clips will make sure that your charging cables are always at the ready.

Cable clips

18. USB Cactus Humidifier

This mini cactus humidifier will help you combat the dry office forever. Powered by USB and capable of holding up to 280ml of water, this humidifier will help you breathe easier. You can even use it in your bedroom because it is whisper quiet. It’s 4-hour auto shut off will prevent you from running it on low water.

USB Cactus Humidifier

19. Under desk headphone storage

Headphones take up a lot of space. Instead of storing your headphones on top of your desk, store them under it with this handy headphone mount.

Under desk headphone storage

20. Gel seat cushion

An amazingly comfortable memory foam seat cushion that reduces pressure on the coccyx / tailbone to promote healthy posture. Made of premium quality durable memory foam with cool off gel layer on top for superior comfort.

Gel seat cushion

21. Succulents

Get a set of succulents to show off on your desk. These cute potted plants will add some green and life to your desk. If you can’t commit to keeping these alive, try a fake one. No one will even know.


22. A fidget tool

Gone are the days of fidget spinners and now are the days of more subtle fidget objects. This miniature chain fidget tool is small enough to avoid detection by coworkers yet satisfying enough to aid with ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism.

A fidget tool

23. Moleskine Weekly Planner

With the style and comfort of a typical Moleskine notebook, this weekly planner will keep you on top of your goals.

Moleskine Weekly Planner

24. Motivational water bottle

Keep going throughout your day with hourly motivational sayings that also tell you how much water you should be drinking. Easily drink two liters of water a day with this water bottle.

Motivational water bottle - office desk essentials

25. Underdesk Hanging Organizer

Who said you had to file everything on top of your desk. This hanging organizer will save you tons of desk space so you can crowd it with the other awesome items on this list. It features 5 trays for papers and folders along with a pen/pencil holder.

Underdesk Hanging Organizer - office desk essentials

26. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Great for people who stare at computer screens all day (and come on, who doesn’t). They can leave your eyes feeling less dry and tired.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

27. Phone stand

Keep your phone handy at all times and easily rest it during long video calls. This phone stand has a convenient hole for the charging cable. The perfect dock for your phone.

Phone stand

28. A new desk lamp

If you spend hours at your desk, you better be doing it with a well-lit workspace. Get yourself a new desk lamp that doesn’t actually hurt your eyes.

A new desk lamp

29. OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush

If your phone, keyboard, or other electronic device is in need of a cleaning, let this bruch do the work. The soft bristles clean phones, cameras, and more while the silicone tip cleans phones, earbuds, ports, cameras, and more.

OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush

30. Storm Cloud

This fun desk ornament has special liquid inside that crystallizes in different patterns depending on the air pressure. Always know when a storm is coming.

Storm Cloud Desk Ornament Home Office Desk Essential

31. Decision Paperweight

If you are having trouble prioritizing your work, give this paperweight a spin.

Decision Paperweight Office Desk Essentials

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