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While you can always use Goodreads to keep track of your reading, sometimes it’s nice to keep track of your reading with paper and pen. Elise at the Tea and Ink Society has created a beautifully-crafted, printable reading journal called “The Book Lover’s Companion” to keep track of your reading.

This is a great gift for friends and family and is especially nice for kids to keep track of their reading without the use of technology. The printable comes with printing and binding instructions so you can provide a physical copy as a stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Between now and November 23rd, get 50% off the regular price of $17.95.

What’s Contained in the Journal?

The reading journal comes with over 250 pages of beautifully formatted pages to keep track of what you’ve read and what you want to read.

The pages are designed to be printed double-sided so you can save paper and space, the book is reusable year after year.

The reading journal contains the following sections:

  1. Personal Reading Log – Includes a Table of Contents, reading log pages with star ratings and space to record author, date read/re-read, format, whether the book is part of a series and more. Also includes a section for books you didn’t finish.
  2. Books Read to My Kids – Includes a Table of Contents, detailed reading log pages with star ratings for parent and up to 4 children.
  3. My “To Be Read” Lists – Short-term and long-term “To Be Read” pages for fiction and nonfiction.
  4. My Year in Books – Summarize your reading year by recording the number of books read, the best books in various categories, reading reflections, and goals for the next year.
  5. Libraries – Includes space for keeping local library info, a calendar for tracking library book due dates, and pages to record books you’ve loaned or borrowed from friends.
  6. Checklists – Checklists for series, authors, reading challenges, and books you want to add to your shelves, as well as a blank, customizable checklist
  7. Notes – Lined note pages you can use for book club, note-taking while listening to a podcast, school lectures, etc.
  8. Literary Miscellany – “Fun pages” that include a word vault, book-to-movie adaptations, reading habit tracker, and more.

Below are example log pages that you will find in the printable:

reading log page 1

reading log page 1

reading journal - to be read list

Ideas for Printing the Reading Journal

While you can certainly print out only the pages you’ll use, this reading journal is so much better if you get it bound. You can bind it yourself or go to your local Kinkos.

Reading Journal and Log

Book lover's companion reading log


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