Best Proofreading Service Providers

One of the easiest ways to improve the quality of your content is to use professional proofreading and editing services. Proofreading ensures that your document is free of errors and polished to a high standard. Don’t forget: readers are attracted to error-free content.

However, to get high-quality editing services, you must choose the right proofreading service provider. In this post, we have put together the list of some of the best proofreading services providers. If you’re searching for a professional proofreading and editing company for your academic or business writing, these are an excellent place to start.


Scribendi is one of the oldest proofreading service providers in the industry, offering a wide range of services under the same roof. Founded by Chandra Clarke & Terry Johnson in 1997, the company has a staff of more than 400 native English editors and thousands of clients worldwide. 

You can take their proofreading service for academic papers, business blogs, resumes, novels, manuscripts, etc. Their editors are comfortable with producing content in various styles, including Harvard, Chicago, and APA styles.

Scribendi Pricing

Unlike some companies, they don’t have fixed-pricing. Their pricing depends on two factors: Turnaround time and word count. However, you can expect to pay around $40 for a 1000-word article (24-hour turnaround time).

Key Features

  • Human-based proofreading service
  • Proofreading for books, novels, blogs, brochures, manuscripts, academic papers, and resumes
  • Responsive customer support 

Expert-Editing.Org is another renowned editing service company in the industry. You can find the list of editors and writers working with them on their homepage. According to the company, they have more than 150 editors, all of who are native English speakers.

The company is dedicated to offering academic assistance to students who wish to make their research papers or dissertations error-free. Besides this, the company also provides its editing services for textbooks and worksheets.


Expert Editing’s pricing depends on the type of service you choose. The company has an online calculator that you can use to get the exact pricing for your order. All newcomers get a 5% discount off their first orders. 

Key Features

  • You can get a personal manager for your project
  • 24/7 customer support
  • They guarantee a full refund if you’re not satisfied with their service
  • They ensure privacy and confidentiality


Like all other proofreading providers on this list, ProofreadingPal offers editing services for resumes, academic papers, essays, manuscripts, business writings, and more. 

Founded in 2010, ProofreadingPal has an award-winning team of editors and proofreaders. The company follows the two-proofreader model. This means that two staff members proofread every document submitted to them. 

The good thing is that the company operates 24 hours a day, which means no matter which country you’re from, you can work with them and use their services.


ProofreadingPal charges on a per-word basis and the cost per word is decided by turnaround time you choose. If you’re in a rush, you may contact them at 888-833-8385.

Key Features

  • Two-proofreader model
  • 24/7 proofreading service


Papercheck is a Santa Barbara-based proofreading and document editing service company renowned for offering quality services at affordable prices. The company is more geared toward serving academic clients. 

Papercheck has an extensive network of proofreading professionals who can follow any writing style you want, including APA, ASA, Chicago, CSE, AP, and MLA.


Papercheck provides four different pricing models: Standard, Two Day, Next Day, and Express. The price varies depending on the turnaround time you choose. If you want your order to be ready within 10 hours, they will charge you $0.0519/ per word, while the 72-hour price runs $0.0339/per word.

Key Features

  • Ideal platform for students
  • Money-back guarantee



PaperTrue helps you present a flawless, error-free document. The company has a team of English-speaking editors from academic and professional backgrounds who will even help you format your document. You can hire their editors for academic writing, business writing, technical writing, and more.


Editing, proofreading, and formatting are all included in a single fee. You can view the cost for your order by uploading your document. On average, you can expect to pay around $35 for a 1000-word article, which you would receive within two days.  You also get 10% off on your first order.

Key Features

  • Your content is formatted following your prescribed guidelines.
  • All their editors are native English speakers.
  • Their proofreading services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you’re looking for an editor who is specialized in working with academic material, you can go for Enago. The company is a trusted name in the market and works with researchers in more than 125 countries. 

Enago even has partnerships with various well-known book publishers, universities, and societies. The company has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Istanbul, and Shanghai. Like ProofreadingPal, they also take the “two-editor” approach.


Based on the level of editing service you want, you will pay somewhere between $90 to $144 for a 1000-word doc (turnaround time 24 hours). 

Key Features

  • 24-hour availability
  • Two levels of Editing
  • You’re matched with an expert in your subject

These are some of the best proofreading and editing service providers that have thousands of clients worldwide. Each of these companies also has good reviews and ratings on Google and other websites.

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