What Is the Abbreviation for Paragraph?

For those who don’t know, an abbreviation is a shortened form of a written phrase used instead of the whole word. Using abbreviations is not only convenient and time-saving, but they also help you avoid spelling mistakes. In this article, we will learn how to abbreviate the word, paragraph. Before we get into the abbreviation, let’s find what this word means.

What is a Paragraph?

The word paragraph is used as a noun within a sentence. It is classified as a separate section of a piece of writing following a single theme. It is usually referred to by a new line or numbering. According to dictionary.com, a paragraph is a section of printed or written content concerned with a specific idea, generally starting with a new line

How Do We Abbreviate “Paragraph?”

Generally, there are two ways we abbreviate the phrase “Paragraph.”

  1. Par.
  2. Para.

These two abbreviations are sometimes used without periods. However, using a period is the grammatically correct way to use an abbreviation. 

In MLA and APA style documents, the abbreviation for the word paragraph is used with period while in other types of style guides, it might be used as “para” or “par.” 

When Should You Use This Abbreviation

The abbreviation for paragraph is commonly used when proofreading, editing, and taking notes. You can also shorten the word paragraph to para. or par. in the assignment when someone gives reference to a specific section. For example, para. 3, line 2 needs correction. 

In copywriting, it is common to use a pilcrow (), also called a paragraph mark, to denote where a new paragraph should begin.

Usually, we see the use of abbreviations, where space is a significant concern. After all, it helps you squeeze a lot of writing into a small space. However, except for editing or note-taking, paragraph should not be abbreviated in standard writing style. 

According to experts, it is grammatically inaccurate to abbreviate the word paragraph verbally or in other forms of text. 

Examples of Using Paragraph and Its Abbreviation

Examples of “Paragraph”

  • I rewrote the paragraph from scratch to make it easier to read.
  • Don’t write long paragraphs as no one likes to read them.
  • A good writer should turn a paragraph into something truly incredible.
  • Read the first paragraphs of both writers; you will notice the difference.
  • My essay consists of 5 paragraphs.
  • As a writer, you should make your paragraph sound better.

Abbreviation Examples

Note: read the para. number 5 again to understand the concept.

Note: Par. 4, line 3 explains everything you want to know.

Note: Rewrite para. 4 for the concise use of words.

Note: Add new par. between par. 7 and par. 8.

Note: Revise para.. 9 and 10.

Note: Exclude par. 5 and 14.

Note: Delete para. 14. and 19.

Par. and para. are two different ways to shorten or abbreviate the word paragraph. They can also be used as plural abbreviations by simply adding an “S” at the end of the word. Hopefully, this post gives adequate knowledge on how to use abbreviations for the phrase, paragraph accurately. 

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