100+ Words Related to Forests

You may have heard some words related to forest, like trees and foliage, but there are other terms that accurately describe or talk about this complex yet beautiful ecological system. And in this quick guide will explain forest-related words while giving concrete examples of how to use each when speaking or writing.



This may sound like one of the most complicated words related to forest, but it’s a rather simple concept. When you take an open area of land and plant trees with the intention of filling the space into a lush and thriving forest, it is called afforestation. 

This forest term, which is an antonym of deforestation (another forest-related word), is more essential than before since developers are clearing a significant amount of land to create new private and public housing developments. In fact, more than 1.5 million building permits were issued for residential construction in August of 2022 alone.

Sample Sentence: Our organization is dedicated to afforestation projects that will give deer, bears, and other wildlife a safe place to live.

Tropical Rainforest

Did you know that there are different types of forests? One of the most common is a tropical rainforest. The NASA Earth Observatory describes it as natural biomes located close to the equator. Interestingly, this forest type got its name due to the heavy rainfall it receives each year. 

Other qualities of most tropical forests include:

  • Hot, moist climate year-round
  • 79-394 inches of rain per year
  • Thick, layered vegetation canopy
  • Little to no sunlight at ground level

Sample Sentence: I’m excited about my trip to the tropical forest in Guatemala next month.

Forest Floor

]\If you visit a forest, you will walk on the forest floor. It’s the ground level and is always moist, humid, and warm. This is because the canopy of trees overhead is so thick that little sunlight reaches the ground. Those trees also shed a lot of leaves, which are always in varying stages of decay on the ground floor. You will find vines, shrubs, and young trees growing wherever a patch of sunlight does break through.

Sample Sentence: The forest floor is quite slippery today, so step carefully.


The wilderness includes any area of land that hasn’t been modified or manipulated by humans, allowing different trees, plants, and animals to thrive without interference. Keep in mind that the wilderness is notoriously chaotic and unorganized. For instance, natural plants don’t grow in straight lines like the landscaping you may have in front of your home.

Although exploring the wilderness can be scary, there are several health benefits that come from hiking or spending time in nature. That includes the physical benefits of exercise plus a boost to your mood and reduction in stress.

Sample Sentence: I need to relax, so I’m going camping in the wilderness.


You might assume that this is another complicated word about forest, but hang in here. It’s easier to understand than you may imagine.

Biodiversity is a concept that the earth is thriving with a wide variety of living species. The following are all found on our amazing planet, plus a lot more:

  • Animals
  • Bacteria
  • Genes
  • Plants
  • Organisms
  • Insects

Fun Fact: According to the National Geographic Society, more than 8.5 million plant species have been identified around the world. There are likely many more out there in unexplored wildlands.

Sample Sentence: I’m taking my class to the park to explore biodiversity in our local area.


 An ecosystem is any area where living things work with the environment to thrive. A natural ecosystem will typically contain the following:

  • Plants
  • Humans and/or animals
  • Organisms and bacteria
  • Weather patterns
  • Landscapes (forests, plains, deserts, etc.)

All elements of an ecosystem must work together to ensure the survival of all. 

Sample Sentence: I love the closed aquatic ecosystem that I added to my desk at work.


Any tree or shrub that sheds all its leaves every year is considered deciduous. These trees create the beautiful autumn landscapes that we enjoy in many areas of the world. They’re also responsible for the hours you spend raking and disposing of leaves on your property.

Sample Sentence: I have five deciduous trees on my property, so I rake a lot of leaves every fall.

List of Words Related to Forest 

  1. Wild Boar 
  2. Deforestation
  3. Acre 
  4. Thicket 
  5. Jungle 
  6. Arbor
  7. Fiodh 
  8. Wood 
  9. Wudu
  10. Woodland 
  11. Wooded Area 
  12. Insects 
  13. Vegetation 
  14. Fungi 
  15. Stumpage 
  16. Forest Canopy 
  17. Forestis Silva
  18. Foris
  19. Foilage 
  20. Trees 
  21. Timberland 
  22. Boreal
  23. Temperate
  24. Tropical
  25. Forest Hills 
  26. Endangered Species
  27. Understory
  28. Enchanting
  29. Serene
  30. Untamed
  31. Dense
  32. Rustic
  33. Pristine
  34. Mysterious
  35. Rugged
  36. Vibrant
  37. Ancient
  38. Ethereal
  39. Shady
  40. Bountiful
  41. Sylvan
  42. Fragrant
  43. Bucolic
  44. Tranquil
  45. Diverse
  46. Breath-taking
  47. Idyllic
  48. Vivid
  49. Awe-inspiring
  50. Plentiful
  51. Eco-friendly
  52. Invigorating
  53. Intriguing
  54. Timeless
  55. Breathtaking
  56. Habitual
  57. Harmonious
  58. Unspoiled
  59. Verdurous
  60. Picturesque
  61. Unexplored
  62. Balmy
  63. Calm
  64. Balanced
  65. Rustling
  66. Melodic
  67. Dappled
  68. Solitary
  69. Soothing
  70. Dewy
  71. Ineffable
  72. Regenerative
  73. Flourishing
  74. Canopy
  75. Wildlife
  76. Biodiversity
  77. Ecosystem
  78. Bark
  79. Roots
  80. Flora
  81. Fauna
  82. River
  83. Stream
  84. Pond
  85. Moss
  86. Lichen
  87. Habitat
  88. Wilderness
  89. Foliage
  90. Pinecone
  91. Sapling
  92. Acorn
  93. Fern
  94. Mushroom
  95. Bamboo
  96. Fog
  97. Sunlight
  98. Rainforest
  99. Wetland
  100. Marsh
  101. Clearing
  102. Rustling
  103. Flora and Fauna
  104. Decomposition
  105. Photosynthesis
  106. Fungus
  107. Berries
  108. Nectar
  109. Pine Needles
  110. Forest Floor
  111. Wildflowers
  112. Predators
  113. Prey
  114. Hibernation
  115. Camouflage
  116. Humus
  117. Conifer
  118. Deciduous Tree
  119. Forest Ranger
  120. Fur
  121. Trunk
  122. Vine
  123. Canopy Layer
  124. Erosion
  125. Symbiosis
  126. Invasive Species
  127. Habitat Loss
  128. Wildlife Sanctuary
  129. Shrubbery
  130. Seedlings
  131. Nest
  132. Root System
  133. Verdant
  134. Primeval
  135. Majestic


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