100+ Words Related to News

Whether you’re a concerned citizen who likes to keep up with current events or you’re an aspiring journalist who hopes to one day break into the industry, learning words related to news can give you a better understanding of how the media industry works. Here are seven popular news-related words alongside their meanings. Don’t worry, though — we’ve compiled a long list of words related to news at the end! 

News Bulletins

If you’ve ever watched the news on TV or listened to the radio, you probably know what a news bulletin is. It’s sometimes called “breaking news,” a “news flash,” or “special report.” Basically, it’s when a journalist breaks into regular programming to report on a timely subject matter. 

For example, you might be watching your favorite TV show when a disaster occurs in your city. Your local news may interrupt a program that you are showing to inform you of an explosion at a local factory, or a national news channel may break in to report that a beloved celebrity has died.


When a journalist has a scoop, it means they have some exclusive information. No other journalists are privy to that information yet. For this reason, the journalist or their news organization is usually quick to get the information to the public. Scoops are typically exciting or interesting to news consumers. 

For example, a journalist may have a connection at a police department. That employee may tell the journalist that a politician was arrested for drunk driving. If that information isn’t public yet, the journalist may report on the story before anyone else does.


Every time you read a newspaper, you see the top story’s title written in large print. That’s a headline, which is one of the more common words related to news. Since it is meant to grab attention, headlines are typically big, bold, and enticing to read. Keep in mind that they may not be grammatically correct or written in proper sentence structure because editors want to fit as much information as they can into a small space. They may even use shocking words and phrases to catch your eye. 


Almost every news organization has a newsroom, whether it’s a newspaper, TV station, or radio station. It’s the dedicated space within the organization’s building where journalists and editors put the news together. They use this space to discuss, organize, write, and edit big stories. It may contain numerous desks and cubicles with computers and other technology where news staff can work independently or together. On big news days, newsrooms may be loud and busy.


Coverage is any attention a news story receives. It includes all types of media, like newspaper articles, TV broadcasts, radio spots, and digital content.

For example, maybe your favorite college football team wins a championship game. Your local TV news stations may cover the game and celebration that follows. Your local newspaper may publish stories both online and in print. A digital magazine may interview the head coach, while a student reporter interviews players and posts the videos online. All of this is part of that story’s coverage.


A correspondent can be another name for a reporter or journalist, both of which are some other important words related to news. These are the people who bring noteworthy and exciting stories to you. However, the title “correspondent” is often used to describe a journalist who is on location. National news stations usually have correspondents who cover certain parts of the country or the world. They may also have journalists who report on specific places, like a White House correspondent. 

Press Conference

When an important person wants to make a public statement, they often do so at a press conference. Someone such as a politician, police chief, or celebrity appears in front of a group of journalists and relays information. Sometimes, they’ll also take questions from the journalists after they finish speaking.

For example, if there is a major disaster in a town, the mayor may hold a press conference to update the public on the situation. The journalists’ job is to get that information back to their viewers and readers. 

List of Words Related to News 

  1. News Anchors
  2. Media 
  3. 7 o’clock news
  4. Press 
  5. Newsworthy 
  6. Journalist
  7. Columnist 
  8. Editorial 
  9. Newscast 
  10. Live Coverage 
  11. Commentary 
  12. Beat 
  13. Broadcast Journalism 
  14. Newspaper 
  15. Front Page 
  16. Byline 
  17. Press Release 
  18. Headline
  19. Article
  20. Editor
  21. Reporter
  22. Journalist
  23. Newspaper
  24. Magazine
  25. Press
  26. Media
  27. Correspondent
  28. Columnist
  29. Anchor
  30. Broadcast
  31. Coverage
  32. Breaking news
  33. Feature
  34. Story
  35. Source
  36. Interview
  37. Scoop
  38. Press conference
  39. Press release
  40. Journal
  41. Deadline
  42. Fact-checking
  43. Press pass
  44. Edition
  45. Op-ed
  46. Publication
  47. Frontpage
  48. Newsroom
  49. Newscast
  50. Headliner
  51. Tabloid
  52. Periodical
  53. Mass media
  54. Radio
  55. Television
  56. Broadcast journalism
  57. Photojournalism
  58. Paparazzi
  59. Editorial
  60. Commentary
  61. Newsfeed
  62. Press coverage
  63. Gazette
  64. Public Affairs
  65. News Analysis
  66. Fact-Finding 
  67. Current
  68. Breaking
  69. Reliable
  70. Credible
  71. Accurate
  72. Timely
  73. Unbiased
  74. Informative
  75. Investigative
  76. Sensational
  77. Exclusive
  78. Up-to-date
  79. Topical
  80. Local
  81. International
  82. National
  83. Political
  84. Social
  85. Economic
  86. Controversial
  87. Authentic
  88. Provocative
  89. Detailed
  90. Balanced
  91. Comprehensive
  92. Objective
  93. In-depth
  94. Factual
  95. Live
  96. Pioneering
  97. Bulletin
  98. Update
  99. Announcement
  100. Information
  101. Event
  102. Storyline
  103. Development
  104. Reportage
  105. Media outlet
  106. Press coverage
  107. Publicity
  108. Hearsay
  109. Scandal
  110. Rumor
  111. Announcement
  112. Coverage
  113. Chronicle
  114. Review
  115. Feature
  116. Forecast
  117. Opinions
  118. Community news
  119. Weather report
  120. Eyewitness account
  121. Analysis
  122. Circulation
  123. Front-page news
  124. Media frenzy
  125. Revelations
  126. Newsmaker
  127. News magazine


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