What Does PS Mean?

In today’s society, the internet is our primary means of communication. We send typewritten emails and text messages. When communicating with each other, we sometimes use acronyms like LOL, which means to laugh out loud. Well, if you are of a certain age, you may remember when P.S. was the acronym people put at the end of a letter or message. This particular acronym told the reader that there was more to be said about the topic. Usually, what occurred was the writer had an aha moment. The P.S. saves the writer at the end from having to write the entire thing all over again. P.S., as you can figure out, it was from a time before the internet. As a result, we don’t see P.S. as frequently.

What Does PS Mean?

PS is the abbreviated Latin term for postscriptum. Postscriptum translates to mean “written after.”

In other words, post means after, and script means to write. Different ways you may see the Latin term written is PostScript, P.S., or PS. As stated, we don’t often see this very much anymore. That’s because it is from a time where people handwrote their correspondence. This term is not entirely outdated. You can still find it in some office emails as well as other internet communication.

There is some controversy as to how PS should be punctuated and formatted. In standard English, Americans put a period between the P and the S, so it looks like P.S. On the other hand, the British leave out the periods between the letters, so it looks like PS. Either way is correct. It depends on your preference; however, many Americans wrote it with the periods between the letters.

It’s worth noting that past writers also wrote using PPS, which means post-postscript. The writer means when the PPS is used to inform the reader that there is a bit of forgotten information, there is additional forgotten information. The PPS was rarely used and used even less in today’s society.

How to Use PS?

As was stated, you use P.S. to incorporate something you failed to note in your correspondence’s main body. After constructing the letter or email, place the P.S. underneath the line of your signature. After placing the P.S., write the line or lines of information you would like to add. For instance, the format below shows how to use P.S. in a correspondence.

Dear Mrs. Hoff,

I was unable to attend last Tuesday’s meeting due to a family emergency. The office brought me up to speed on the term of the agreement you discussed. I will do all that is possible to uphold the agreement. I appreciate you taking the time to come into our office to address all issues before signing the contract.


Ann Mullens


P.S. I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on Wednesday.


Using PS in Digital Communication

In the advent of this technological era, the P.S. had to change; otherwise, it would lose its function in our society. Unlike the days of written communication, computer programs now enable us to edit our documents easily. If you type an email, you have the option and opportunity to edit your text and insert more information into the body of the message before clicking “send.”

But many marketing experts see using a P.S. as a smart tactic for attracting publicity and improving the chances of a reader following through with your call to action. And even if there are no essential calls to action in your postscript, a P.S. can still be a great way to add a playful, familiar tone to your letter, be it handwritten or typed out in shorthand. Essentially, there is no need for a postscript anymore. Despite this arguably needless acronym, there is still a place for it in the age of digital writing.

For marketing, writers use the P.S. to invoke a feeling of urgency. Because marketing companies know that people skim through most of their content, they put the P.S. containing a summary at the end with the call to action. An example of this would be to explain to the customer why they should purchase the perfect diamond. In the end, there would be a postscript.

Diamonds are forever.

Company ABCD Jewelry

P.S. We have a limited supply of rare diamonds. Come in and get that special individual a gift that will last a lifetime. If you want more information about our rare diamonds or you would like to make a purchase, contact us at www.ABCDJewelry.com.

Another great way that marketing people are using the P.S. is to include a link to their landing page or a video highlighting their products. Others may use it to put something funny and eye-catching to lure someone to a product.

There are still a great many ways people are using this old fashion writing tool. Some companies use it to summarize lengthy information, condensing everything into a short paragraph or two, allowing employees to read the entire memo later when there is more time.


What does PS mean? P.S. in the past was a way to express an afterthought without having to redo the entire correspondence. Technology has afforded us the ability to revamp our writing in mid-sentence. Therefore, if we fail to include important information in the text, we have to go to that section and type it in and adust the paragraph. Because this digital era has made acronyms obsolete, you would think P.S. is gone for good; this is not the case. P.S. has adjusted with the times. It is still being used in emails to emphasize important information on a job. Marketing companies and bloggers are primarily using it to generate traffic. Using the P.S. makes an advertisement appealing. It allows the potential customer to go right to the product and skip much of the extraneous information.

It’s clear, P.S. is sticking around for a while. There is just something quite personal when you see the postscript in a letter or even an advertisement with a signature. It makes the viewer want to look and see what makes that information essential to them. The next time you write, try incorporating a P.S. in your message. It might add a little flair to your writing.

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