Vidnami Review: Easily Create High-Quality Videos From Your Blog Posts

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If you’re reading this Vidnami review, you’re probably looking to create captivating videos that will engage your audience and will effectively get your message across. Vidnami is a tool that allows you to do all that in a very awesome and innovative way.

It is very simple to utilize and doesn’t call for any technical knowledge. Plus, it is a fun and quick way to make videos that look professional without much of a learning curve.

What Is Vidnami?

The company started under the name Content Samurai and changed to Vidnami. It is an online-based video maker that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze entered text and pick images or video clips automatically so that users can put together a professional video without any technical skills.

You can take any type of written content, such as an article, and have it converted into a visually-engaging video that your audience will be able to digest much more easily. Its intuitive interface provides step-by-step guidance that allows you to create a video much faster without the traditional technical challenges.

What Can You Use Vidnami For?

Vidnami is great for creating any of the following videos and more:

  • Converting blog articles and podcast scripts to video
  • Social media posts
  • Social media ads
  • Marketing videos
  • Course videos

Who Created Vidnami?

The software was created by Noble Samurai, a software company in Australia that creates applications to help digital marketers maximize their online marketing results. The small team launched the platform in 2015 and continues to innovate products such as Market Samurai, one of the pioneering keyword research tools, Question Samurai, and Vidsy.

Benefits and Features

1. Intelligent Video Clip Selection

The artificial intelligence technology used by Vidnami synchronizes clips from the video perfectly to match the text that is displayed. The AI simply detects the entered video script text in the box and selects video clips from its vast library.

You will find a relevant video clip for just about any keyword you can imagine!

2. Limitless Customizability

This software allows you the flexibility to fully make your videos completely customized with complete control of the editing. The software gives you the ability to insert your own media, whether be a video from your phone or an image from your gallery.

You can swiftly add your logo, choose your preferred fonts and colors, and make your content unique with your selection of music, videos, and images. This is a great feature that allows you to align with your brand and stand out. It is great to create brand recognition and awareness.

3. Accurate Caption Generation

As soon as you provide text, Vidnami’s artificial intelligence transcribes the content to create captions that are accurate and flow along with the video. The captions intergrate very naturally as if they were specially customized for the video.

Plus, the witty AI animates and highlights the main keyword in each sentence in which the discussion is occurring. It also bolds keywords, adds transitions, animation text, and ken burns effect.

The artificial intelligence used by Vidnami’s Bolds Keywords, adds effects such as Ken Burns, integrates transitions, and offers text for animations.

4. Images, Video Clips, and Music Completely Royalty-Free

Once you open an account with Vidnami, you’ll have access to over 790,000 free video clips and story blocks, over 30,000 premium music tracks, 125 million top-quality images, over 170 video templates, and more than 30 stunning fonts.

This is a huge benefit of working with Vidnami, their vast library of recent media that you would have to pay for when using other video software companies. Their library is continually updated to provide you with the latest content.

5. User-Friendly Software

Vidnami is perfect for beginners and those who have no technical skills, even your grandparents can easily use it!

It only takes a few clicks for you to combine your text, voice track, video clips, and music. Vidnami’s original intent was to create video editing interface that is extremely easy to use and reliable, especially for those that know very little about technology.

Although Vidnami is a great tool, you must know that it doesn’t replace professional software used for video editing such Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. You won’t really be able to do high-end editing using this tool, but you’ll be able to do the edits most everyday video-makers need.

You can make an unlimited amount of videos without restrictions. It is perfect for someone who doesn’t require heavy use or has a small budget and isn’t savvy with technology and media editing. It is ideal for a beginner that wants a user-friendly video editing tool.

6. Voice Recording

With Vidnami, you can make your videos more aligned with your brand while giving it a human touch. Your videos will be intuitive, trustworthy, and engaging. In every caption your video features, Vidnami gives you the option to record your own voice.

The software shows you the line-by-line script so that you can a real-time recording of your own voice.

7. Text to Speech Voice Automation

You’ll have the option to choose an audio or music track for your video, or let Vidnami craft an automated voice over that is professionally recorded. No need to seek the help of a voice-over professional, your screen captions can be automatically generated.

Vidnami currently has 14 speech voices you can choose from that are automatically populated for your entered text. However, for a less robotic and more personalized experience, it is best to record your own voice.

What Are Some Cons of Vidnami?

Closed Captions File

While Vidnami includes the text that you enter as part of each screen in the video, it does not allow you to export the text as a subtitles file to upload to video hosting platforms. You will need to do this manually by copying the text you entered when creating the video and manually adding timing.

Not Always the Best Automated Matching

The algorithm behind Vidnami doesn’t always pick the best video based on the text. Sometimes the specific text selected for a screen is out of context so the video selected is completely irrelevant and sometimes there are no relevant videos. In this case, you can try selecting an image with a zoom effect instead or manually search for a video with related keywords.


Vidnami is one of the only popular video editing software companies that is accessible to most people’s budgets. Some video editors can cost about $2,000 or more per year, which is not feasible for most people.

In contrast, Vidnami costs only $47/month including all its pro features and the option to choose a 14-day trial for free. You’ll also be likely to find discounts such as their 25% discount for life.

It is by far one of the most affordable video editing tools on the market.

If you rather pay the annual fee of $397, you’ll have a 30% discount.

What’s Included in the Free Trial?

Vidnami’s free trial allows you to fully experience the platform for 14 days. If you don’t like it, you can simply cancel your account and you won’t be charged for the first month, however, if you want to keep the service you can upgrade your account at a discount.


Vidnami vs Lumen5

Lumen5 is okay for sharing personal social media videos, however, if you’re looking to make professional high-quality videos then Vidnami is far superior. Plus, with Lumen5, you don’t have the same amount of options in their free library. When it comes to looking at the overall features of Vidnami vs Lumen5, Vidnami comes out on top.

Vidnami vs InVideo

InVideo has more features than Lumen5, but it still doesn’t compare to the quality production of Vidnami. InVideo is not as user-friendly and has a much more limited library. You’ll find yourself having to pay for premium content in comparison to Vidnami’s wide selection.

Need Ideas for Videos?

If you need ideas for videos to create using Vidnami, give our free YouTube Title Generator a try. You’ll quickly get great video ideas.

Bottom Line

To use the latest technology in video editing Vidnami is certainly worth checking out. Their free 14-day trial allows you to test-drive it without commitments. For the price point, it is far superior to common alternatives as discussed in this Vidnami review.

With this innovative platform, you’ll be able to easily turn your written content into eye-catching videos that will increase your conversion rates, engage your audience, and ultimately bring more exposure to your brand.

For an easy way to start making professional videos, Vidnami is worth trying. You’ll enjoy the ease of use and the high-quality videos it produces. It is a great choice in video editing software.


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