Vehicle vs. Vehical: What Is the Correct Spelling?

We might ride a vehicle daily but spelling the word “vehicle” can be tricky, mainly when relying on its pronunciation. So, vehicle vs. vehical? You’ll soon find out the correct spelling in our guide!

Vehicle Meaning: What Is It?

Many of us are already familiar with the word vehicle. Whenever we take an Uber or hitch a car ride with our friends, we ride in a “vehicle” to take us from point A to B. But “vehicle” can also be a way to express, achieve, or produce something.

For example, “The 2-hour meeting was the vehicle for the increased participation and productivity of the team.”

Fun fact: In the 1610s, a vehicle meant a medium through which people administered a drug or medicine. It also meant any means of conveying or transmitting.

The word vehicle comes from the French word “véhicule,” which dates back to the 16th century. It also comes from the Latin phrase “vehiculum,” which is a means of transportation. It comes from “vehere,” meaning to bear, carry, or convey.

Using Vehicle in a Sentence

Learning the definition of the word vehicle is just the first step in mastering this tricky word! It would help if you also knew how to use them in sentences. Don’t worry! We’ve prepared five examples that you can use as a guide to using the word “vehicle” in written or verbal conversations.


  • I heard good news about this vehicle! Based on the news, it is powered by a fuel-efficient 3 horsepower engine and comes with the latest features like touchscreen dashboard. I’m definitely considering getting a car loan for it!
  • Our company has our own fleet of vehicles. They are specifically provided to employees that will be conducting business outside our headquarters.
  • The vehicle suddenly swerved to the right and crashed to another car!
  • My vehicle’s engine is not working. I think I need to have it towed.
  • The traffic was so bad at Route 105. There were just so many vehicles out on the road during the holidays!

Vehicle vs. Vehical: How to Spell Vehicle?

Photo showing the right spelling of between vehicle vs vehical

The correct way to spell the word is vehicle. Most people use “vehical” because of the consonant -le syllable, which has a silent “E.” Many assume that the “cl” sound translates to “cal,” but when in fact, “e” is just silent. And, no matter how much you search the web, you won’t find anything for “vehical meaning” because the word doesn’t exist.

Other vehicle misspellings are:

  • Vheicle
  • Veihcle
  • Vehcile
  • Vehicel

Trick to Remembering the Spelling

One of the best ways to remember how to spell vehicle is remembering “bicycle.” Bicycle, as you might have already noticed, also ends in “cle.” You can also keep in mind other words like “recycle,” “popsicle,” “upcycle,” “cycle,” and even “uncle.”

Or, you can remember this sentence: “A bicycle is a vehicle that doesn’t use fuel.”


And, there you have it a comprehensive spelling guide about vehicle vs vehical. We hoped this article and our spelling tricks will vehicle you to use the right spelling from now on!

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