Is Groom Capitalized?

Determining whether the word groom is capitalized involves some analysis of the rules of capitalization in grammar. As a general rule, a word should be capitalized only if it is the first word of a sentence, a proper noun, or the main word in a title. Whether or not it is the first word in a sentence is straightforward, but whether the word is a proper noun or the main word in a title needs a little more analysis.

Is Groom Capitalized?

A proper noun is usually the name of a specific place, person, or organization/business. An example of a specific place would be New York City, a specific person would be Michael Jordan, while a specific organization/business would be Wal-Mart. Common places, people, or organization/businesses would not be capitalized. Examples of a commonplace would be park, a common person would be policeman, while a common organization/business would be store. Because the word groom is the name of a common person and not the name of a specific place, person, or organization/business, it would not be capitalized.

The main words of titles are always capitalized, whether book titles, movie titles, or the titles of works of art or literature. Common words like prepositions, articles, or conjunctions like a, an, the, of, for, and, or but are never capitalized in a title unless they are the first word of a title. All other words in a title that don’t fall under the common word categorization are capitalized. Because groom does not fall under the category of a common word like prepositions, articles, or conjunctions, it would be capitalized if it used in a title.

In conclusion, because the word groom is not a proper noun, the only time it would be capitalized is if it is the first word of a sentence or located in a title.

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