Is “Bride” Capitalized?

Weddings are amazing festivities that bring families and friends together. And who is the star of the show? The bride, of course. But whether you are preparing a wedding invitation, table cards, or any other wedding-related writing you may have wondered…

Is the Word “Bride” Capitalized?

The word “bride” should not be capitalized in a sentence unless it’s one of the main words in a title. To help you out a bit with capitalization, here are the only three instances when words should be capitalized:

  1. Proper nouns should always be capitalized. It’s easy to tell whether you should capitalize a word if it’s a name, place or any other proper noun such as; Michelle, Argentina or Pepsi.
  2. The main words in a title also always start with a capital letter. Notice how the main words of the title of this article are capitalized, that’s how it should be in any title. Here’s an example: “How I Made My Blog.” Sometimes not every word in a title is capitalized so make sure to keep that in mind.
  3. 3The last situation when you need to capitalize a word is when the word is at the beginning of the sentence. This one is a little obvious, but you have to start off every sentence with a capital letter.

Those are the only three situations when you should capitalize a word, it’s quite simple isn’t it? Based on those instances, there is no need to capitalize the word “bride” unless it’s the first word in a sentence or it’s one of the important words in a title. Just make sure to remember the only three instances when words should be capitalized and you should know whether you should capitalize just about any word. You’re all set.


Some more examples of the correct capitalization of “bride” are below:

  • Brides wear beautiful dresses
  • I’m so excited to see the bride’s dress
  • The Prettiest Celebrity Brides (title)
  • I can’t believe that I’m about to be a bride and get married.
  • Bride makeup is my specialty, I’m very good at it.

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