Is Gospel Capitalized?

There are many confusions when dealing with words that carry religious meaning. Not just by their interpretation. One can also struggle with the way they are written. One such word, that people struggle more often than not is the word gospel. Many are wondering is gospel capitalized like other words, or does it uphold special rules for itself?

When Is the Word Gospel Capitalized?

Unlike other words that are only capitalized when they are the first word in a sentence, the word gospel can be used to form proper nouns. Those nouns refer to the books of the New Testament and are therefore written capitalized. The same is true when one makes references to a specific book of the New Testament, but does not name them. The same can be said about the word gospel. It can hold specific religious connotations. When a Chrisitan says the word “Gospel”, they will probably mean the “Good News” that their religion upholds and it will need to be capitalized, because it is a special term.

For example:

“Stevens favorite book in the New Testament is the Gospel of John.”

“Mariah has never read the First Gospel.” – here the First Gospel refers to the Gospel of Matthew and both words are written capitalized

“Some say that the Gospel of Mark predates other gospels by almost a century.”

“The Gospel of Thomas is one of the most interesting Gospels not in the Bible.”

When Is Gospel Lowercase?

Every time that the word gospel isn’t referring to either the “Good News” or any of the four books of the New Testament it should be written in lowercase. The only exception being if it is the first word in a sentence.

For example:

“I and my parents love to listen to gospel music.”

“She holds to his words like they were gospel.”


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