Is Bible Capitalized?

When is bible capitalized in a sentence? Sometimes it is capitalized and sometimes not so we explore the reasons for when the word “bible” is capitalized below.

When Is the Word “Bible” Capitalized?

When referring to the holy Christian book itself, the word Bible should always be capitalized. For example, “The story of Abraham is told in the Bible.” The word Bible is also capitalized when referring to the Jewish Bible, when used as the first word in a sentence, and when used in the main title of written works.

You always capitalize Bible when referring to a proper noun including the various versions of both the Christian and Jewish Bibles. For example “King James Bible”, “Gideon’s Bible” or “Hebrews Bible. “The Holy Bible” is a proper title of a book and the word bible in this case must always be capitalized.

You will find that at times, especially when you are likening other books to the Bible, you do not capitalize the word bible. For example, ” Gordon Ramsey’s cookbook is a chefs’ bible. Additionally, the adjective biblical is an exception of capitalization even though it refers to the proper noun of “Bible”.

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