Is Doctor Capitalized?

Whether writing a doctor’s name in an email or writing a job application, you need to know whether the work “doctor” is capitalized. Of course, the question of whether doctor should be capitalized has brought you to this page, but I want to answer that question in a more satisfying way such that you will never experience the same question again when writing.

Is Doctor Capitalized?

When you are deciding whether to capitalize the job title “doctor” or not, you should have the following capitalization rules and guidelines in mind:

  • Capitalize every job title that comes immediately before the name of the person you are describing. Job title before a person’s name replaces his or her first name.
  • Don’t capitalize job titles if it comes immediately after the person’s name, or is used instead of the person’s real names.

There are several exemptions to the above rule:

1. When the word doctor is used in a direct address. A good example is:

“Is she going to recover, Doctor?”

2. In the signature line at the end of a letter, the word doctor can be capitalized. A good example is:

Sincerely, Jeff Clinton, Doctor.

All job title abbreviations such as “Dr.” for the word doctor should be capitalized.

To learn more about proper title capitalization rules, give our free title capitalization tool a try.


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