Are Executive Titles and Job Titles Capitalized?

Generally, job titles are capitalized if you are referring to a specific job title at a company such as “Chief Marketing Officer” or the job title precedes the name of a person.

For example, you would refer to “Chief Marketing Officer Bob” with capital letters since the job title is a specific title and it precedes the name of a person.

A few more examples include:

  • Senior Vice President Stephanie
  • Chief Executive Officer George

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General Job Titles

Generic job titles that occur more than once at a company are generally lowercase, especially when not preceding a name. For example, “digital marketing manager” and “senior managers” are not capitalized.

The following examples illustrate this:

  • Bill called all of the senior managers into a staff meeting.
  • The digital marketing manager role on that team is open.
  • All of the senior vice president’s direct reports are being transferred to the acquiring company.


Acronyms are always capitalized so the following job title acronyms would always be capitalized:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • CMO
  • CTO
  • CIO
  • CRO
  • EVP
  • SVP
  • VP

For more help with title capitalization questions, try out our free capitalization tool.


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