Are Executive Titles and Job Titles Capitalized?

Generally, job titles are capitalized if you are referring to a specific job title at a company such as “Chief Marketing Officer” or the job title precedes the name of a person.

For example, you would refer to “Chief Marketing Officer Bob” with capital letters since the job title is a specific title and it precedes the name of a person.

A few more examples include:

  • Senior Vice President Stephanie
  • Chief Executive Officer George

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General Job Titles

Generic job titles that occur more than once at a company are generally lowercase, especially when not preceding a name. For example, “digital marketing manager” and “senior managers” are not capitalized.

The following examples illustrate this:

  • Bill called all of the senior managers into a staff meeting.
  • The digital marketing manager role on that team is open.
  • All of the senior vice president’s direct reports are being transferred to the acquiring company.


Acronyms are always capitalized so the following job title acronyms would always be capitalized:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • CMO
  • CTO
  • CIO
  • CRO
  • EVP
  • SVP
  • VP

For more help with title capitalization questions, try out our free capitalization tool.

Capitalize My Title is a dynamic title capitalization tool used to make sure your titles or headlines use proper capitalization rules according to various style guides include APA, AP, MLA, and Chicago. It also counts your words and checks for grammar issues.


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