Someday vs. Some day

As someday and some day differ by only one space, these words are easy to confuse. Both words have the same pronunciation in spoken English, but indeed they are different parts of speech. In this post, we will compare someday vs. some day and use each of these words in sentences. So let’s get started.


What Does Someday Mean?

The word someday is an adverb (a term that modifies an adjective), referring to future events that are expected to take place at an unspecified time. According to, someday is an adverb that means “at an indefinite future time.”


  • Someday, you might need my help.
  • Someday, I will take you to India.
  • I am copying this recipe; I want to make this dish someday.
  • Someday, I will be rich.
  • When my brother was born, I can remember my father always saying to me, someday your brother will be your best friend.
  • I am planning to tell them someday, but I am not ready yet.
  • Someday, I will play the guitar.
  • I think he thinks Emma will turn him someday.
  • Someday, people will respect me.
  • Someday, there may be a treatment for this virus.
  • I pray to God regularly that someday this will change.
  • Someday, you might need these lessons.


Synonyms for Someday

These are a few synonyms for someday that you can in place of it at some places. 

  • Sooner or later
  • Ultimately
  • Yet
  • Sometime
  • Eventually


What Does Some day Mean?

Some day, with a space, is a phrase. The word some is an adjective, and day is a noun. Some means “undefined” in this context, while the word day means an unspecified single day. In short, some day refers to a 24-hour span of time in the future, which has not yet been specified.



  • Let’s meet up some day in December for a party.
  • He scheduled the meeting for some day in September, but he does not remember when it is.
  • She has an appointment with a gynecologist some day next month.
  • Some day next week, I need to finish this blog so that I can upload it on the website.
  • Some days are pleasant, but some days the sun shines too harsh.
  • Some day this week, I will find some time to practice guitar.
  • He is supposed to visit his father on some day next week.

Synonyms for Some day

Some similar phrases you can use in place of some day include:

  •  A day
  • One day
  • Some time


How to Remember The Difference Between Someday and Some day

As the word day by itself is a noun, it won’t be difficult for you to remember that the word some day is a noun phrase, not an adverb. The compound word someday on the other hand is an adverb. If it is still difficult to remember the difference.


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