Should the Word Halloween Be Capitalized?

Halloween is one of kids’ favorite holidays because of all the candy given out. It can be a favorite of many adults, too. But, should the holiday be capitalized?

Is Halloween Capitalized?

Yes, the word “Halloween” should be capitalized because it is a holiday and proper noun, so it should be capitalized according to title capitalization rules.

What About Capitalizing the Word “Night” After Halloween?

While Halloween is a holiday and proper noun, the word “night” right afterward is not capitalized in a sentence, but will be capitalized in a title if you are using any of the styles in title case such as when referring to the movie “Halloween Night.”

History of the Word Halloween

that Halloween actually comes from the original phrase “All Hallows’ Even” referring to the evening before All Hallows’ Day (Nov. 1). According to Grammar Girl,

The “all” and “s” were dropped, “hallows’ ” and “even” became a closed compound, and the apostrophe took the place of the “v,” giving us “Hallowe’en”—just one of many transitional spellings along the way to “Halloween,” which the Oxford English Dictionary shows as first appearing in 1786. Other spellings before “Halloween” included “Hallow-e’en,” “Alhollon Eue,” and “Halhalon evyn.”

If you want to, you can still refer to Halloween as Hallowe’en to give your Halloween party an olde-timey feeling. It’s up to you!

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