Rythm vs. Rhythm: What Is the Right Spelling?

It’s easy to say “rhythm,” but once you write it down, a common problem arises – is it rythm or rhythm? Is it a single “h” or two ‘h”? Where does “y” go? Don’t worry, you are not alone. “Rythm” is one of the most misspelled words. And, today, you’ll finally learn the right spelling. We’ve even included some spelling tips!

Rhythm Meaning: What Is It?

Rhythm is a noun that means a pattern of regular and irregular pulses that makes music. It facilitates a seamless flow of ideas and emotions, differentiating art from other monotony objects. It also helps dictate how long you play the music and at what intensity.

On the other hand, rhythm in literature means the number of stressed and unstressed beats. You can identify this through several lines of syllables and their arrangement in the line.

Rhythm can also describe the regular occurring sequence of events or patterns. It could also mean the common occurrence of an action like a heartbeat.

Using Rhythm in a Sentence

For most people, it’s quite a challenge to pick the correct spelling between rythm vs rhythm. Before we move forward, which between the two do you think is correct? Well, if you picked rhythm, then you are right. But, how do you use the word? Here are some examples.


  • I enjoy listening to music during my bedtime. The slow rhythm of my favorite song always soothes me to sleep.
  • Nowadays, consumers’ trends and weather patterns changes tend to interfere with the natural rhythm of farmers’ calendars.
  • The doctor said that my grandfather is at a high risk of getting a heart attack. From the observation, he had a pretty irregular heart rhythm.
  • This was one of the best presentations ever made. The script gently took the audience along for the ride, lost in the rhythm of the verse.
  • My life has fallen into a constant rhythm. Once I wake up, I hit the gym, head to work, get back in the evening and do some chores before sleeping every day.

Rythm vs Rhythm: How to Spell Rhythm

picture showing the correct spelling of rhythm vs rythm

The correct spelling of rhythm is with two Hs. People often use “rythm” because the first “h” is silent. The misspelling is also caused by the unusual use of “rh” and “y” in the middle and the lack of a vowel between “th” and “m.”

Rhythm originates from the Greek word “rhuthmos” which means to flow. The ‘rh’ isn’t a weird word combination to start a sentence in Greek, and y is a vowel. When turned to Latin, it becomes “rhythmos,” and after translating this to English, o fell off, so the vowel that could have come after m went away.

Other misspellings of rhythm include:

  • Rythme
  • Rhythem
  • Rythem
  • Rythum
  • Rithem
  • Rhythme
  • Rthythm
  • Rhytm

Tricks to Remember the Spelling

Most people tend to forget where the h and y go. To get it right, always remember that this word has two “h”. The “y” comes immediately after the first h.

1. Two Hips

One way you can memorize the correct spelling is to remember that you can’t dance with one hip.

Here is a simple trick you can consider.

  • Rhythm-R
  • Helps -h
  • Your -y
  • Two -t
  • Hips -h
  • Move- m

2. Don’t Omit the Silent Letter

Another trick that you can use to spell rhythm is saying the tricky part of the word out without omitting the silent letter. So, try to read the word as r-h-y-t-h-m. Usually, you won’t need to read a phrase like this, but memorizing it this way emphasizes the name, and it can help you master it.

3. Split the Words

Alternatively, you can split the word into two and create words within the word. It might be simpler to remember smaller words within longer, complex terms. You can split rhythm into two, like rhy-thm. This way, it becomes easier to remember the correct spelling.

4. Practice

If you have a word that you struggle to spell, you need to dedicate time to work on it. Keep practicing how to spell out the word rhythm, and you will eventually get it correctly. Get a notebook, list the word you want to learn, in this case, rhythm, and ensure that you practice spelling each day.

On plain paper, write the word down as you say it to yourself, and keep pausing after every letter. Go to a new page and repeat the process to keep the word fresh in your mind. Flip the book, try spelling out the word without writing, go back, and confirm to ensure that you didn’t leave out any letters. If you are still not getting a specific part of the word wrong, highlight this and keep practicing until you get it right.

Final Thoughts

The English language borrows so many words from other languages, making spelling a bit complicated. One of those words is “rhythm.” By using the above tips, you should be able to master the correct spelling. You can also use our spelling tricks for any other word that you find difficult to spell out.

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