Pragmatic Synonym: What Is Another Word for Pragmatic?

A pragmatic approach is a solution based on practical experience or a practical point of view, not on theory and ideology. What other words can you use as a pragmatic synonym? Here are some synonyms, as well as some antonyms. 

What Is Pragmatic?

Pragmatic (prag·mat·ic) is an adjective that comes from the Greek word pragmatikos,” which also means “practical.” It has multiple definitions, but they all generally refer to being practical, sensible, and focused on results. 

For example, if you were pragmatic about a project you were working on, you would focus on completing it in the most efficient way possible. Pragmatic can also refer to a person’s attitude or approach towards something.


  • Let’s take a pragmatic approach to solve this problem.
  • A pragmatic reason may help us in this situation. 
  • The new generation should have enough courage to be more pragmatic in the business world. 
  • We can apply pragmatic solutions to the everyday affairs of a state. 
  • A sovereign ruler can issue a pragmatic sanction, an imperial decree that can be a part of the fundamental law. 

Pragmatic Synonym  

photo showing pragmatic synonyms
  • Practical: Concerned with making decisions and actions that are sensible and effective in a particular situation.
  • Realist: Someone who approaches tasks, problems, and situations from a realistic perspective, willing to compromise to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Strategist: Someone adept at making planned, calculated moves and decisions to achieve the desired result.
  • Logical: Having sound or good reasoning. 

Pragmatic Antonyms 

  • Illogical: An irrational or bad reasoning. 
  • Impractical: Useless or not beneficial. 
  • Optimistic: A person that always looks for the silver lining.
  • Utopian: A person guided more by ideals rather than the reality of the situation. 

Pragmatist Synonyms 

Are you a pragmatist? Do you like to approach life from a practical, logical point of view? Then understanding and using the correct terms to express your ideas is essential. Here are some commonly used synonyms with their meanings:

  • Realist: A person that believes in dealing with practical matters and being guided by facts.
  • Prudent: Exercising sound judgment or acting with caution.
  • Smart: Having or showing intelligence and good judgment.
  • Level-Headed: Using good sense, not emotions.
  • Sensible: Having or displaying good sense or judgment.
  • Rationalist: A person that believes that facts should be used to form opinions rather than emotions or religious beliefs.
  • Logical: reasoning in a clear, consistent way.
  • Resourceful: able to find quick and clever ways of overcoming difficulties.
  • Grounded: having or showing common sense and realism.


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