14 Poetry Writing Apps to Unleash Your Creativity

With the advancement in cutting-edge technology, amazing mobile poetry writing apps continue to emerge so that you write quotes, poems, short stories, and even novels on the go. Here is a list of several fantastic poem writing applications that will make your poetry writing experience a breeze.

Flips: Poem Writing App

picture showing Flip's poetry writing app

Hapramp Studio designed this software for authors who want to produce visually appealing posts and tales for their Instagram and WhatsApp accounts.

 This poetry app allows you to create aesthetically pleasing versions of your written works, such as poems, quotes, and stories. You may modify your Instagram posts or share your thoughts using this amazing application. 

It doesn’t involve any registration, and it’s free. Because of its attractive and intuitive user interface, you can compose poems quickly and with no effort. You can even save your work for future access. 

Flips features not just poetry writing but also stunning backdrops and a huge variety of fonts for your poems. With a single click, you can easily change the alignment and size of the text. 

Flips is available on Google Play Store

Lyric Notepad

screenshot of Lyric, a poem writing app.

Lyric Notepad, created by Kenny Mc, contains many cool features that will save you time and effort. This application can record your lyrics, keep track of your rhyme and syllable schemes, and locate new words. You can even customize the app’s rhyming sensitivity to suit your needs, and it will automatically hunt for rhyme ideas as you write.

Another great thing about this poetry writing app is that it can divide lines into quarter measures and count the number of syllables in each line. With its built-in recorder, you’ll never lose track of your melody or forget which recording corresponds with which verse again. You may choose to utilize the metronome features as visual or auditory cues. 

The Android and iOS versions of Lyric Notepad are free to download and use. You can make In-app purchases if you desire.


Haikujam poetry writing app's UI

If you’re looking to connect with other poets, try out the social writing game HaikuJAM created by HaikuJAM Inc. You can collaborate on writing projects, meet new people, and, of course, write poetry. 

You may also meet other poets in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, thanks to the social network features of HaikuJAM. There is a mood tracker and various writing ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

The application features a built-in spellchecker and grammar checker, both of which will be useful to poem writers around the globe. 

To use HaikuJAM, you can get the app for free on Google Play Store.

Poetry Creator Verses

Tiny Mobile Inc. presents Poetry Creator Verses, an app that lets you write poetry using definitions from many dictionaries. The app is perfect for poets who enjoy experimenting with new vocabulary and has a design like a word magnet. Once satisfied with your creation, you may send it to friends through email or post it on Facebook. This application is available for no cost in apple’s app store for iPhones and iPad. 

Optional in-app purchases also provide access to eight premium dictionaries, including Shakespeare Dictionary and Hip-Hop Dictionary.

Poetry Creator Verses is available to download from Apple’s App Store.

Poet’s Pad

Poet's Pad

Dante Media, LLC created this fantastic software. Poet’s Pad has powerful idea generator tools to encourage free expression and eliminate writer’s block.

The application helps you get creative by suggesting new words and phrases to add to the ones you’ve previously written. You may also use it to develop concepts for your masterpiece, depending on the mood you want to create.

After selecting your mood, the app will suggest words and phrases that fit your theme. It also contains a thesaurus (great for finding the right word or synonyms!), a voice audio recorder, and a rhyming dictionary, which are useful for an artist. 

Downloading this app will cost you $9.99.


Screenshots showing how poetry writing app works Mirakee 

Miraquill (formerly Mirakee) is a poetry writing app and a blogging system for writers and musicians. The shared experience of writing and reading brings people together from all corners of the globe. You may share your work on Miraquill and get feedback from other people. You can even participate in the discussion by commenting on and rating the work of others.

Writing something you aren’t quite ready to publish yet? No problem; store it as a draft and come back to it whenever you’re ready. Miraquill’s in-app design tool turns poetry and phrases into beautiful photographs that you can share online.

Haiku Poem

Poets may read haikus and learn how to compose them using the Haiku Poem by International Reading Association. 

If you’re writing a haiku, you can use the built-in syllable counters to track how many you’ve used on each line. The app displays over 175 haiku poetry from 37 Japanese and Western writers for inspiration. After setting up the app, you may immediately begin writing. You won’t need to create an account or use an email or a social media login. 

If you’re ready to show off your flawless poetry, hit the button, and it will be copied to your clipboard immediately. 

Since poetry ought to be straightforward and undistracted, Haiku has no unnecessary features. But there are options to choose between a bright and dark theme in the app to provide the optimal visual experience at any time. You can also save your poetry progress and come back to it later. 

It’s free to download from the App Store.

Rhymer’s Block

picture showing Rhymer’s Block app's features

If you’re a poet or songwriter, you should check out Rhymer’s Block, one of the best smartphone poetry writing apps. Catechlysm Corp. developed the app to facilitate the rapid capturing of creative ideas.

Rhymer’s Block is more than simply a place to scribble down thoughts on a smartphone. It also has useful functionalities, like word frequency analysis, color-coded rhymes, and real-time rhyme recommendations. In addition to working when offline, Rhymer’s Block also has cloud synchronization. 

You can download Rhymer’s Block on iOS or Android devices for free. 


picture showing the features of Jotterpad, a poetry app.

You won’t have trouble composing beautiful poetry when you use JotterPad, another fantastic Android software. The software, created by Two App Studio Pte. Ltd., is a text editor that functions similarly to a word processor without all the bother. All you have to do to get started is enter your text and click “save.”

JotterPad is wonderful for poetry since it offers themes and multiple type phases so that you may customize your poem’s appearance. The free program features an in-built dictionary and may convert your work as a downloadable PDF. To make your work accessible from any location, you may save it to a cloud storage server. 


picture showing the Poetizer app

Poetizer is a great platform for establishing connections with poets all around the world. Fear not; authors of all skill levels may benefit from this program. You may use Poetizer for a wide variety of purposes, from publishing your poems online to being discovered by poetry lovers all around the world.

This software will help you write better poems in no time by incorporating a sleek and clean interface. Compared to other poetry writing apps, Poetizer stands out because of its crowd-funding component, which allows readers to financially back your work.

Poetizer is available to download from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Poet Assistant

picture showing how Poet Assistant app works

Another popular poetry and prose software that has received much praise is Poet Assistant. It’s a collection of resources for making poetry writing simpler. The software features a thesaurus that may help you choose words that fit the tone of your poetry. There’s even a dictionary available if you need to look up the meaning of a term.

Unlike other poetry writing apps, Poet Assistant’s useful functions are accessible without an active internet connection. Additionally, Poet Assistant offers an area where you can type text and have your device’s text-to-speech engine read it aloud to you. 

The Poet Assistant is available to download for free, whether you have an iOS or Android device. 

Poetry Daily

This app sends you new contemporary poetry daily to read on the go. It features poetry from new books and journals, so if you like what you read, you can find the source later. You can sample an extensive selection of poetry at no cost. The application supports iOS, and you can get it in Apple’s app store.

Poet’s Corner

Poet’s Corner's app for poetry writing

Poet’s Corner is one of the best poetry-sharing applications for Android if you don’t have time to attend a live session. Wild Notion Labs’s free software gives poets a place to compose new works, publish existing ones, and discover the poetry of others.

You can get this app from Google Play Store.


Scrivener's app for poetry writing.

It’s a great tool for composing poems and other works of prose. You can select a starter template before getting down to business. The table of contents in Scrivener is very customizable; you may add, remove, and reorder chapters as you see fit. You can also save your progress as you change the text in the tool. It’s not free, but a trial period will show you if this program is right for you. The application supports Mac OS and windows.

Pen A Poem At Your Fingertips

Poets and aspiring poets will find these poetry writing apps immensely helpful in creating their poems. Thanks to these tools, you can expect to spend less time working and more time connecting with other creatives and get free-flowing inspiration.

Experiment with one of these apps to experience the benefits of modern technology and elevate your creativity to the next level.

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