MCM Meaning: What Does MCM Mean?

New and savvy social media users sometimes find themselves perplexed by acronyms and lingos. Never fear! This article will help you decode the MCM meaning.

What Does MCM Mean?

MCM is short for “Man Crush Monday.” It is a common hashtag that praises men for their superb performance as husbands, boyfriends, and dads.

A picture showing the meaning of MCM

It is also used as a tag for men who are attractive or admirable. Men may also use the tag to describe other men which they aspire to be like.

When Did MCM Come into Use?

The Man Crush Monday tag came into use around 2015, but the exact date isn’t evident. It became popular on Facebook and Twitter, then sparked a multitude of blog posts, magazine articles, and other media engagements, which continue to this day.

Other MCM Meaning

MCM can also be the abbreviation of “Mighty Car Mods” and is the moniker for a French music television channel.

Another possible, but less likely, meaning is Mid-Century Modern. It is a futuristic, optimistic, and industrialized decorating style in the 1950s and 1960s. Think chrome, wood grains, and metals accented by oranges, mustards, and walnut greens.

When to Use MCM?

Man Crush Monday is typically reserved for Mondays. However, it can be used on any day of the week.

Whenever you want to show appreciation for the man in your life, you can post his picture and include the “MCM” hashtag in the caption. You can also add “LOML” (Love of My Life).

A man may also post a picture or article about a mentor or celebrity he admires, or perhaps a man in a position he aspires to attain with the tag.

Whoever is posting the Man Crush Monday post should provide a sappy and honest description of just how much they love their man-crush and why.

It is polite for the subject of the Man Crush Monday admiration post to then reciprocate with a WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) later in the week.

Example of using MCM?

  • “I can’t tell you how much this man means to me. We’ve been married for ten years today. Every single day, he has made me feel like a queen. He’s seen my lows and my highs. When I was ready to throw in the towel, he brought me back from the brink. He’s the most loving and devoted husband and the best father to our three children. I don’t know where I’d be without him. I love you, honey.” #MCM #LOML #BabyDaddy #10YearsToday
  • “Dr. Rutherford is a leader in the occupational therapy arena. He helped me bounce back from a life-changing car accident. I had to relearn everything, but thanks to him, I’m not only better. I’m ready to go back to school for my Master’s in OT. Thanks for everything you did Doc. I’m going to help others just like you helped me.” #MCM #GoingBack #NeverTooLateToLearn #OccupationalTherapy #OT #ClassOf2026


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