Is Occupational Therapy Capitalized?

Understanding when certain words are capitalized can be tricky in the English language. Especially resume capitalization when certain job titles are capitalized while other words are phrases are not. That brings us to our FAQ today…

Is Occupational Therapy Capitalized?

The term “occupational therapy” is left in lowercase. That is if it is used in general manner. So usually to lowercase “occupational therapy” is the normal case to do. But there are also some exceptions you need to look out for.

A sentence, including the term “occupational therapy” as following will be capitalized, as it either is a proper name, a title or a trade name. An example would be “The Department of Occupational Therapy”, as it is a part of a name, or to be more precise, it refers to a specific department. Another example would be “The School of Occupational Therapy”. As the previous example, this sentence, including the term “occupational therapy” should be capitalized, as it is another designation.

But there are also other exceptions. If you want to, let’s say, you are trying to apply to study occupational therapy and are writing an essay, there is a possible way, that you will make a mistake with lowercasing “occupational therapy””.

Is Occupational Therapist Capitalized?

The term for someone who practices occupational therapy is “occupational therapist” (abbreviated OT or O.T.). Since this is the title of a person, you should capitalize the phrase “occupational therapist” and the abbreviation when referencing the specific title on a resume or on a placard.

For example: Nancy Perkins, OT

However, if you are just using the phrase in a sentence, you do not need to capitalize it.

For example: The gentleman came to see Nancy Perkins, the occupational therapist.


It is always better and safer to check, how they write “occupational therapy”, so whether they lowercase or capitalize the term. If you’ve found out, then do how they do, because as the saying goes: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If it doesn’t say anything, which I highly doubt, do as you learned in this article; lowercase “occupational therapy” when used in general manner. Capitalize it when used as a name, trade name or a title. If you follow this guide, there is hardly a chance, you will be grammatically wrong ever again.


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