Karen Kingsbury Books in Order

Karen Kingsbury is a well-known Christian author who has written or co-written over 100 novels and short stories. Her books have been #1 New York Times and USA Today’s best sellers with the last dozen books published topping bestseller lists. Several of her novels have been developed into Movies and TV series. Below, we’ll help you find your next favorite Karen Kingsbury book by listing all of her books in order.

Baxter Family Books

The Baxter Family Series Books in Order

0. The Baxters: A Prequel (2022)

1. A Baxter Family Christmas (2016)

2. Love Story: A Novel (2017)

3. In This Moment: A Novel (2017)

4. To the Moon and Back: A Novel (2018)

5. When We Were Young: A Novel (2018)

6. Two Weeks: A Novel (2019)

7. Someone Like You: A Novel (2020)

8. Truly, Madly, Deeply: A Novel (2020)

Baxter Family Drama – Redemption Books in Order

1. Redemption (2005)

2. Remember (2005)

3. Return (2003)

4. Rejoice (2005)

5. Reunion (2006)

Baxter Family Drama – Firstborn Books in Order

1. Fame (2005)

2. Forgiven (2005)

3. Found (2006)

4. Family (2006)

5. Forever (2007)

Baxter Family Children Books in Order

1. Best Family Ever (2019)

2. Finding Home (2020)

3. Never Grow Up (2021)

4. Adventure Awaits (2022)

Sunrise Books in Order

1. Sunrise (2007)

2. Summer (2007)

3. Someday (2008)

4. Sunset (2008)

Baxter Family Children Books in Order

1. Best Family Ever (2019)

2. Finding Home (2020)

3. Never Grow Up (2021)

4. Adventure Awaits (2022)

Above the Line Books in Order

1. The Baxters Take One (2009)

2. The Baxters Take Two (2009)

3. The Baxters Take Three (2010)

4. The Baxters Take Four (2010)

Baxter Family Standalone Novels

Truly, Madly, Deeply (2020)

Baxter Family Collections

Fame/Forgiven/Found/Family/Forever (2005)

The Above the Line Collection: The Baxters Take One, The Baxters Take Two, The Baxters Take Three, The Baxters Take Four (2015)

The Sunrise Collection: Sunrise / Summer / Someday / Sunset (2016)

The Redemption Collection: Redemption / Remember / Return / Rejoice / Reunion (2016)

Final Vows: Murder, Madness, and Twisted Justice in California (2017)

The Firstborn Collection: Fame / Forgiven / Found / Family / Forever (2017)

Forever Faithful Books in Order

1. Waiting for Morning (2007)

2. A Moment of Weakness (2007)

3. Halfway to Forever (2007)

Karen Kingsbury Forever Faithful Collection: Waiting for Morning / A Moment of Weakness / Halfway to Forever (2005)

9/11 Series Books in Order

1. One Tuesday Morning (2004)

2. Beyond Tuesday Morning: Sequel to the Bestselling One Tuesday Morning (2005)

3. Remember Tuesday Morning (2011)

The Red Gloves Books in Order

1. Sarah’s Song (2004)

2. Maggie’s Miracle: A Novel (2003)

4. Gideon’s Gift: A Novel (2002)

Lost Love Books in Order

1. Even Now (2005)

2. Ever After (2007)

Bailey Flanigan Series Books in Order

1. Leaving (2011)

2. Learning (2011)

3. Longing (2011)

4. Loving (2012)

Cody Gunner Books in Order

1. A Thousand Tomorrows (2005)

2. Just Beyond the Clouds: A Novel (2007)

Life-Changing Bible Study Series Books in Order

1. The Family of Jesus (2014)

2. The Friends of Jesus (2015)

Sunrise Books in Order

1. Sunrise (2007)

2. Summer (2007)

3. Someday (2008)

4. Sunset (2008)

Timeless Love Series Books in Order

1. A Time to Dance (2001)

2. A Time to Embrace (2003)

Angels Walking Books in Order

1. Angels Walking (2014)

2. Chasing Sunsets (2015)

3. Brush of Wings (2016)

Standalone Books in Order

Missy’s Murder (1991)

The Red Gloves Collection (2006)

On Every Side (2006)

We Believe in Christmas (2008)

The Princess and the Three Knights (2009)

When Joy Came to Stay (2009)

Like Dandelion Dust (2010)

Brave Young Knight (2011)

The Chance (2013)

Let Me Hold You Longer (2014)

Deadly Pretender: The Double Life of David Miller (2017)

The Snake and the Spider: Abduction and Murder in Daytona Beach (2017)

Someone Like You (2020)

Forgiving Paris (2021)

A Distant Shore (2021)

Just Once (2023)

Who Is Karen Kingsbury?

Karen Kingsbury is one of the wealthiest American Christian writers in the U.S. today. She has written over fifty novels and achieved nine awards in her time as a writer. A Karen Kingsbury biography tells a story about a writer who values marriage and family. She has six children, three of which she adopted from Haiti. One of her most famous works is the Baxter Family, which consists of multiple series to inspire her readers. These include The Redemption, The firstborn, The Sunrise, The Above the Line, The Bailey Flanigan, The Coming Home, The Baxter Family, and The Baxter Family for Children.

Karen Kingsbury Biography

Karen Kingsbury was born on June 8, 1963, in Fairfax, Virginia. She and her four siblings (three sisters and one brother) share her parents, Ted and Anne Kingsbury. As a child, they moved around often because of her father’s career with IBM. They ultimately set down roots in San Fernando Valley from Michigan when she turned ten years old.

Her father eventually passed away from complications due to his diabetes. Afterward, Kingsbury decided to eat healthier and as a result, lost 70 pounds. Kinsbury’s love for writing began when she was five. She loved stories and once dreamed about being a novelist.

A Karen Kingsbury biography will usually not mention that when she was a freshman at Pierce College, she came to dislike writing and thought for a moment that she would rather be a lawyer. Not long after, the professor of her English class pointed her out in the class and decided that she had great potential and put her on the newspaper staff for the college. Her career was set.

She began working as a sports journalist for the Los Angeles Times after receiving her degree in journalism from California State University, Northridge in 1986. After spending two years there, they promoted her to the front page of the paper to write emotional stories.

She wrote her first book, Missy’s Murder, in 1991 based on a real story she covered as a journalist. She is currently one of the New York Times best-selling novelists with almost 13 million copies sold. Her first four books based on true crime were not her favorite topic. She decided she no longer wanted to write about murders and instead switched to something she was much more passionate about, glorifying God.

Overview of Books by Karen Kingsbury

Again, Kingsbury began with writing true crime and later switched to books that portrayed her faith in God. Then came her list of series featuring the Baxter Family. These books take the reader through a long story of romance, loss, redemption, drama, love, and faith. Her intentions were to inspire her readers around the world. These characters go through adventures and face challenges that all readers can relate to.

After the publication of these series, she released a chart-topping book titled The Baxters: A Prequel which can now be read before starting the rest of the series.

The first series in the saga, The Redemption Books, was co-authored with Gary Smalley and sets the scene for the following four novels: Remember, Return, Rejoice, and Reunion. It is the story of a woman who discovers her husband is cheating and instead of giving up, fights to save her marriage.

The next series, The Firstborn Books, revolves around a character from the first set as he faces hardship in his career. The third series in this saga takes the family back to their hometown as they prepare for a secret wedding.

The fourth series introduces blooming careers in movie production and the struggle to make it to the top. The next series, The Bailey Flanigan Books, takes a strong and independent woman to New York City to pursue a Broadway career which leads to tension with her long-term boyfriend.

The last stand-alone novel in the series, Coming Home, was meant to wrap up this saga, but was followed by one last series, The Baxter Family Collection.

Kingsbury’s first four novels in true crime ended with The Snake and the Spider in 1995, as she felt that they were too emotional for her to continue writing.
Her Forever Faithful trilogy consists of the titles Waiting for Morning, A Moment of Weakness, and Halfway to Forever. Through these, a story is told of a family that is struggling with their faith in God and how they overcome it together.

After reading a Karen Kingsbury biography, there is no doubt that these books will inspire their readers and due to the true passion and care taken for the topics and the intended audience.

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