Zodiac Academy Books in Order

Paranormal, astrological teen romance talent Caroline Peckham writes alongside dystopian romance master Susanne Valenti to publish a series steeped in magic, love, and monsters in the halls of academia. Known for writing about dangerous, determined main characters in previous series Harley Quinn Crew and the Kings of Quarantine, this sister author duo take their readers under the hill and into the world of Fae where deception and betrayal are as prevalent as TikToks and bathroom gossip. Follow a pair of sisters as they shield themselves from knives in the back while avoiding the feelings of hate/love for their four biggest pains in the throne. But if the world doesn’t get forced into chaos by Nymphs and rampaging magical creatures, will there be a second date.

Zodiac Academy Reading Order

Zodiac Academy Publication Order

1. The Awakening (2019)

2. Ruthless Fae (2019)

3. The Reckoning (2019)

4. Shadow Princess (2020)

5. Cursed Fates (2020)

6. Origins of an Academy Bully (Prequel) (2020)

7. Fated Throne (2020)

8. The Awakening (As Told By The Boys) (2021)

9. Heartless Sky (2021)

10. Zodiac Academy Book 8 (2022)

Zodiac Academy Overview

Twins and orphans Tory and Darcy Vega make by through picking pockets and swindling the odd tourists to pay for their crummy apartment. But when a mysterious stranger pops into their lives and reveals an inheritance to a Fae royalty, the twins are skeptical but jump at a chance out of their dim prospects. No sooner are the pair enrolled in Zodiac Academy to complete their birthright than they crash into the four current heirs. These students’ parents have taken the reins from the Vega family after the king and queen’s deaths and make it obvious they don’t want the competition.

Tempers, egos, and actual flames flair as the sister’s butt heads with each incredibly charming and annoyingly cryptic princeling, while deep below, more romantic emotions begin to stir. Besides the fighting in the classroom, there’s worry over the Nymphs returning. These beings of darkness from the deep corner of the Shadow-Realm are making noise, and many see signs of them returning to bring chaos to the Fae. Love triangles, Vampiric hickies, and Werewolf ragers are all in store for the twins. It will require allies and possibly some enemies to help them keep order among the Fae.

Author Biographies and other Books

Caroline Peckham Biography

Born in the UK village of Kent, Caroline was unconsciously set to become a fiction writer. A born-spirited reader, the young Peckham became enraptured by fantasy novels, waiting till midnight to read the latest Harry Potter release. Encouraged by her Beatles obsessed, Tolkien fan father, Caroline went on to study Zoology but pursued writing as a career. Creating storylines with characters created from her own imagination has kept the prolific author writing for the past decade and keeps her going through the long hours and writer’s block. Partnering with her sister Susanna, the pair have acted as each other’s editors and critiques while coming out with multiple teen fantasy series. Currently living just a few minutes from her parent’s home in Kent, UK. Her days are usually spent writing, going to the gym, or just blogging with her fanbase over theories and debates on the many memorable characters she’s created.

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Susanne Valenti Biography

A lover of dystopian fiction and literature. Born in Kent with her younger sister Caroline, the destined author would jot down ideas and short stories all through her young life. Eventually marrying and caring for two children, the chance to co-author scripts with her sister brought Susanne into the writing profession full time. Editing each other’s work and spurring themselves to dream big, the pair launched their first self-published work on Amazon in 2015. Soon after, several successful series have come from the duo, with mythical creatures and morally loose characters. Susanne still finds inspiration to write while wrangling her young son and daughter for bedtime and jogging with the stroller as dad races by.

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