ILY Meaning: What Does ILY Mean?

You might have used or received a text containing ILY, but are you 100% sure that it means a heartwarming “I love you” or a gut-wrenching “I’m leaving you”? We’re putting the record straight to your question “what does ILY mean” and how it came into use.

In this article, we’ll answer the questions: what is the ILY meaning?, and what does ILY stand for?

What Is the Meaning of ILY?


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Many people use ILY to convey or express their feelings towards another person, pet, and even inanimate objects. And, yes it stands for “I love you.” But context is important here. The ILY meaning can also change from I love you to I’m leaving you. If you’re in a heated argument, it’s more than likely that it’s “I’m leaving you.”

What Is the Origin of ILY?

Like other acronyms, the origin of ILY came from the rise of the popularity of text messaging.

SMS texts were invented back in the mid-’80s. But it was not until the turn of the century that they first started to take off.

Neil Papworth sent the first Merry Christmas text to Richard Jarvis on December 3, 1992. Five years later, the first texting phone called the 90001 Communicator (not the smartphones we know today) was invented.

This Nokia phone was equipped with a fully functional keyboard and was guaranteed to get your message out to anyone else who had a phone at the time.

Nowadays, there are more than 23 billion texts sent out every single day. In America alone, there are more than 18 billion texts per day, 541 billion per month & more than six and a half-trillion a year.

When Was ILY First Used?

While we don’t necessarily know when was ILY first used, we can take a look at how pop culture and digital media influenced the popularity of ILY and other abbreviations and slang.

Text messaging took off in 2003 when singing reality TV show American Idol introduced acronyms for voting. From there, it only got bigger when the first iPhone came out in the fall of ’07.

Man using a phone with keypad

A month later, RCS came out. This gave users access to an even more powerful messaging platform where they can send text messages no matter where they were in the world. So, it was not long before ILY, BRB, and TTYL became the norm for many text users across the world

Some of the most popular acronyms include ROFL, BRB, LMAO, SMH, and YOLO (although the latter has since faded in its popularity over time).

Other acronyms such as AFK, DC, and GG are quite popular with gamers not nearly as popular for everyday text conversations. But regardless, they have since become a staple of our culture ever since they were first invented more than a decade ago.

How Popular Is ILY?

So you are probably wondering: just how did ILY come to be one of the most used acronyms of all time? Well, I love you is a phrase that has been used for as long as anyone can remember, and this is due to the fact that the concept has existed way before the first SMS phone was invented.

So, it did not come as a big surprise that ILY would be one of the most used text lingos today. But just how often is it used?

Well, there is no way to calculate it due to the fact that the messages are private information. Experts estimate that ILY is used more than six billion times a day.

Is ILY Still Popular?

Despite a decline in usage over the years, ILY is still one of the most used acronyms in the world. Experts do believe it will rebound in the near future. But whether that actually happens or not, it seems that we will just have to wait and see.

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