How Favorite Writing Locations Have Changed During the Pandemic

We all know that the pandemic has dramatically changed daily life. Our favorite haunts are closed or have limited capacity, we need to wear masks everywhere, and even going to the grocery store can feel like a grueling adventure.

That’s why we thought it would be interesting to explore how the writing habits of our users has changed with the pandemic. We weren’t intending to measure a shift when we ran an initial survey back in December and January. Our survey was meant to understand writing location preferences. We planned to include the results in a future post, but then the pandemic hit. We thought it would be interesting to see how writing locations have changed and we predicted that people would shift more to at-home locations. As you’ll see below, the results were surprising. Let’s first look at what we included in the survey.

How We Ran the Survey

The Question

We ran a very simple survey with only one question: Where do you write the most often?

The goal was to collect an interesting sample who our users to understand their writing habits. Users of our title capitalization tool range from students and teachers to bloggers and digital marketers, so we knew that the results might be a little scattered which is why we included several options.

The Options

We included five discrete options (Home Office, Couch, Library, Coffee Shop, and Beach) as well as an open-ended “Other” option where people could write in answers. We figured that these options would be plenty for people to choose from and the “Other” option would let us capture any other locations where people tend to write.

The Results

Pre-Pandemic Results

By far the most popular writing location pre-pandemic was “Home Office” with over 37% of the votes. This makes sense given that most home offices are designed by us to maximize productivity. We install our own office setup, decorations, and furniture which makes us more productive writers.

Home office 37.6%
Other 18.8%
Coffee shop14.7%

*Sample size: 170

We were surprised that “Coffee Shop” was the 4th most popular option since we at Capitalize My Title love to write at coffee shops. Guess the world doesn’t all mimic our writing style.

Post-Pandemic Results

“Home Office” still maintained the top spot for places to write. However, “Couch” increased and both “Coffee Shop” and “Library” slipped which makes sense given that most public places were closed for an extended period. Even now, most coffee shops are takeout only and most libraries are still closed.

It seems that the pandemic has pushed writers further into their homes whether they’re sitting on comfy couches or productivity-increasing home offices.

Home office 34.8%
Other 21.7%
Coffee shop12.3%

*Sample size: 138

The Differences

Row LabelsPre-PandemicPost-PandemicDelta
Home office 37.6%34.8%-2.9%
Other 18.8%21.7%2.9%
Coffee shop14.7%12.3%-2.4%

Overall, the at-home locations (Home Office and Couch) accounted for over 55% of the writing locations in both the pre- and post-pandemic surveys. However, “Home Office” dropped by about 3% in the post-pandemic world while “Couch” increased by over 4%.

The out-of-home indoor locations dropped post-pandemic as expected, but interestingly “Beach” did increase. We think this is primarily due to the timing of our survey. The pre-pandemic survey was done in December/January when the beach would not generally be an ideal location except for some digital nomads living in warmer climates, and the post-pandemic survey was done during the summer.

But what about the “Other” bucket? Let’s take a look.

The Other Bucket

We did get some interesting answers in the “Other” bucket. While some users obviously used this as a joke answer, we will review some of the more unusual or clever answers (and of course, add our commentary).

Pre-Pandemic “Other” Answers

  • “home” –  We received 2 responses that should have been classified as “Home Office.”
  • “at work, in my cubicle” –  Interesting…hope their boss doesn’t mind. We received three other responses like this.
  • “school” – Makes sense.
  • “website” – Not sure they understood the gist of the question
  • “room” – We wonder which one.

Post-Pandemic “Other” Answers

  • “home, but do not have an office. work at a desk or kitchen counter.” – We received several similar responses regarding other rooms in their house.
  • ” At work.” – I hope they have the option to work remotely. We received two other responses like this.
  • ” In my bedroom” – We received five responses related to the bedroom. Given the pandemic, this makes perfect sense.

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