How to Write a Postcard

Before modernization, postcards were an expressway of delivering heartfelt messages to friends and family worldwide. Sure, a postcard would take some time to reach the recipient, but what makes it unique is the handwritten note, colorful stamps, and signature, which embrace the sender’s personality. Postcards are still a fun way of sharing your adventures and whereabouts with those close to you even in this social media era. Furthermore, they can be bought almost anywhere and come in various types, ranging from ordinary cards to uniquely photographed covers portraying animals, countries, and places. If you’re traveling and would like to show your family the highlights of your trip, you can either send a personalized card with self-captured photos or purchase one from a local store. While buying a postcard and constructing a message may seem easy, not everyone knows how to correctly format and send one. Therefore, to help ensure that your card reached the correct person, here’s how to write a postcard.

Picking the Right Postcard

While writing a good message is essential, choosing a relevant postcard is just as important. When picking your ideal card, think about the person you’re sending it to and if the image in front of the postcard is sufficient to impress them. This could be a photo of a dog or a night out in Venice. Whichever you choose, the image should leave a tasteful and remarkable impression.

Understand That You’ll Be Writing at the Back

Since the front is preoccupied with a photo, the card’s back will have ample space for you to compose your message and address your card. Therefore, you need to flip your card over before you find yourself writing your letter all over the photo.

Address Your Postcard to the Appropriate Recipient

Now comes the crucial part, because if you make a blunder you might end up sending your postcard to the wrong “John Doe” located in Sydney. At the right side of the postcard, you’ll spot a section with two or three lines. Here’s where you will write the postcard’s designation, recipient’s address, and town. When doing so, ensure to write clearly in a proper handwriting while giving your letters sufficient spacing. This will make it easier for the post office to know where exactly to ship your postcard. More so, if you’re wrapping your card in an envelope, don’t forget to include the recipient’s address on the parcel’s front.

Address the Individual Receiving the Card on the Left

Towards the left of the postcard, there is a section where you should address the person whom you’re addressing. Starting your message with the appropriate salutation may vary, depending on your relationship with the receiver. Since most postcards are sent to family and close friends, address them in an affectionate and casual tone, like “Dear Mom” or “Dearest”. For a more formal message, ensure to use proper titles, such as “Dear Dr.,” “Dear Mr.,” or “Dear Ms.”.

Include the Date

Postcards are important mementos that can be kept for years. By adding a date on your postcard, you help tell the receiver know when you sent the card and even encourage them to reminisce the postcard’s memories if they view it in the future. You can add a date on the top left or right corner of the postcard. Ensure to write the date in the proper format in either British (DD MM YYYY) or American English order (MM DD YYYY). For originally photographed postcard photos, you can include a timestamp on the image to let the receiver know when you captured the shot.

Compose Your Handwritten Message

Below the address section, you’ll find a blank space on the left where you can write all about your trip, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. To make the postcard memorable, add essential information while getting to the core of the message, as space may not be sufficient to describe your sentiments in full detail. Therefore, narrow it down as much as you can and include some of the highlights of the trip. This will keep the recipient eager to learn more about your adventures. You can discuss topics such as the foods you ate, people you met, attractions visited, and activities you did.

Sign the Postcard at the Bottom

Before wrapping up the message and shipping your postcard, you need to conclude with a signature at the card’s bottom corner so that the recipient will know who’s sending the card. This can be a simple closing statement, such as “XOXO,” followed by your full name or hand signature.

Add a Stamp

Choose an appropriate stamp and attach it to the upper right corner of the card. Include the correct postage amount to ensure your postcard is be delivered, especially if you’re mailing a card overseas.


With the above steps, you can know how to write a postcard, and share beautiful messages with your loved ones across the continent. Ensure to always outline your recipient’s address correctly, and with that, we wish you fun and happiness in your travels while you write to your friends, family, and even pen pals.

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