How Do You Spell Vaccuum?

How do you spell “vaccuum” without flagging the red underline of your spellchecker? Is there more than one way to spell this word correctly?

The answer to all of these questions will be covered below in this handy guide. By the time this article concludes, you will have an innate understanding of this word’s spelling.

Vaccum or Vacuum: How Do You Spell “Vaccuum”?

Picture showing the correct spelling of vacuum

The first thing to answer is how do you spell “vacCuum”? You likely see red underlines if your browser has spellcheck. “Vaccuum” does not exist; if you want to spell vacuum correctly, you want one C and two Us so the correct spelling is “vacuum”. The double-u is a diphthong, two sounds that combine into a new sound.

Correct: Honey, I told you to clean up your room. That means plugging into the outlet and running the vacuum cleaner.
Incorrect: You can die from suffocation if you linger in a vaccum long enough.
Correct: Vacuums suck, and blowers blow.
Incorrect: That vaccuum’s container looks so full that I think it might explode if you run it any longer.
Correct: Dana, you just caused a short in mama’s vacuum!”
Incorrect: Why ask me, “how do you spell vaccuum?” it is all about paired curves: two Cs and two Us, duh!

Different Meanings of Vacuum

A vacuum is more than something that cleans surfaces. Indeed, the notion of vacuum vs. vacuum can have different meanings. Here are some of them.

  • The meaning that most people tend to consider when they hear the word by itself is a cleaning device, known as either a vacuum or vacuum cleaner. This sort of mechanism uses a sucking mechanism that draws up particulates like dust, spilled food and pet dander and then channels everything into a receptacle that is later emptied out into wherever you dump your garbage.
  • A vacuum is used to describe either a state where matter is absent or a container in such a state. You may have heard the phrase “vacuum of space” to describe the black nothingness that occupies the bulk of outer space.
  • Another meaning for vacuum, somewhat related to the previous definition, is merely an empty space. This results in phrases like “power vacuum,” where a major influence is removed from power, causing opportunistic individuals to fight to fill that absence.
  • Vacuum can also be used as a verb, where it tends to describe applying a vacuum to a situation such as “to vacuum up the carpet” or “Billy totally vacuumed up his spaghetti last night.”

How Do You Remember to Spell Vacuum?

If you ever find yourself thinking, “How do you spell vaccuum?” you probably got your tricks crossed. This section will cover one helpful trick to keeping vacuum spelling correct.

The easiest way to keep the spelling straight with many intricate words is to remember some phrase or word. In the case of vacuum, that special phrase is “see two ewes.”

Just imagine some person with a customized vacuum coming at a pair of female sheep with the humorous goal of sucking off all of their wool instead of using a pair of shears or an electric trimmer. Do it right, and you will never mess up between a spelling like vaccum or vacuum.


To reiterate the central point of “How do you spell vaccuum?” you use one C and two Us. While there is some discourse over whether this word should be pronounced with two syllables or three, resulting in “va-KYOOM” vs. “va-KYU-um,” there is no equivocation on spelling it.

Hopefully, you now know the proper spelling and will never mess it up again.

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