How Do You Spell Speech? Or Is It Speach?

Speech or speach? For many, they use the latter without knowing that it’s a misspelling. It doesn’t even exist in the dictionary! If you are curious why “speach” is wrong and “speech” is correct, stick around because our spelling guide will answer your question. So, enough of my opening speech, let’s break down the word!

Speech Meaning: What Is It?

If you know Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream or Quit India by Mahatma Gandhi, that’s a “speech.” It is an expression of thoughts and feelings that are verbally spoken and delivered to an audience.

It comes from the old English word “spæc,” which shares a similar definition – “the act, power or manner of speaking.” Spæc can also be a statement, narrative, formal address or even a synonym for the word “language.”

Interestingly, “spæc” overlaps with other languages.

Spæc comes from “spræc” and the Proto-German “sprek-” or “spek” but it also overlaps with Danish’s “sprog,” Old Saxon’s “spraca,” old Frisian’s “spreke,” Dutch’s “spraak,” and German’s “sprache.”

Using Speech in a Sentence

Before finding out the correct spelling of “speech,” it’s necessary to understand and learn its proper usage in daily conversations or writings.


  • I asked you if you listened to the king’s speech. I wanted you to keep up on modern affairs, love!
  • Well, Mrs. Hempshire. After looking over Reginald’s file, I can confidently say that his prepared speech has so many misspellings!
  • I’m preparing a speech that will compel the school board and teachers to pass our request to get rid of that particularly bothersome club!
  • His speech was so moving and inspirational that I’m encourage to follow my dreams and strive for the best!
  • As the Angolan ambassador listened to the former American president’s speech, he eventually grew quite irate and left the room after the fifth instance of an expletive being uttered without any sort of censoring.

Speech or Speach: How to Spell Speech?

Photo showing that speach is a misspelling.

While speech, with two Es, is the appropriate spelling, one-quarter of people use the incorrect spelling. This misspelling is likely because they think “speach” should be similar to “speak,” which shouldn’t be the case. And, there is no real explanation why we have the letter “a” in “speak” but speech doesn’t.

Fun fact: The word “speech” used to have the letter “a” in the mix. But was later dropped around the 19th century.

Trick to Remembering the Spelling

An easy way to keep from misspelling speech is with a simple sentence. Consider the phrase “I want my speech to get a grade of E, for ‘excellent.'”

This sentence helps because it stands out; it would be odd to desire any grade less than A on an assignment, doubly so when the letter E is not present on grading scales. And yet, this very odd thought is the perfect trick to keeping your spelling from looking odd.

In Summary

Speech may be commonly misspelled as speach, but you should have no trouble keeping the spelling straight now. Just remember our mnemonic trick and the word’s origins, and you should never mess up the spelling of speech again.

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