How Do You Spell Grateful? Or Is It Gratefull?

A lot of people use “gratefull.” They believe that they must use “full” since the correct “-ful” portion of the word means “full of” or “having the qualities of” the word it follows. However, “gratefull” is wrong, and, this article will tell you why.

Grateful Meaning: What Is It?

English-speaking peoples officially started to use the word “grateful” in 1552. But, archaic versions of the word, such as “gratefull,” “grate” and “gratus,” existed prior to that time. Latin speakers, for example, used gratus to mean pleasing and grateful.

When someone feels appreciative or thankful, they use the term “grateful” as an adjective to express their feeling. For example, they might say, “I’m grateful for the help you provided me today” or “I have a grateful heart.” Some people also offer double the thanks by saying, “Thank you! I’m so grateful for your help.”

Common synonyms of grateful include appreciative, beholden, indebted, obliged, obligated and thankful. Common similar phrases include “filled with gratitude” and “in your debt.” Conversely, when someone doesn’t feel grateful, they say that they feel ungrateful. Grateful also has a similar meaning and sound to the noun “gratitude,” which means a feeling of appreciation or thankfulness.

How Do You Spell Grateful?

Picture showing the correct spelling of grateful vs gratefull

You sought out this guide because you wondered how to spell grateful correctly. Although you might hear and read different spellings of this word, you must only use “grateful” when spelling it aloud or in writing.

Misspellings of Grateful

As already mentioned, you must never use “gratefull.” If you are using “greatful” or “greatfull,” it is also incorrect.

People mistakenly believe that similar sounding words mean the same thing. They also often incorrectly believe that “greatful” means to “feel thankful,” the importance of their thanks, or a large number of thanks since “great” standalone can emphasize these qualities.

Although you can use “great” to express feeling good or fantastic, such as when you say “I feel great!” or “You look great!” you can’t use it alone to indicate appreciation or thanks.

Using Grateful in a Sentence

Now that you know the correct spelling and pronunciation of grateful, you can use it in your daily conversations and writings. If you still have any confusion about the best ways to use it in a sentence, always keep the following examples in mind:

  • “I am so grateful for your help today.”
  • “He gave the boy a broad, grateful smile.”
  • “The non-profit thrift store owner was grateful for the item and monetary donations.”
  • “People often feel grateful around the holidays for every blessing in their lives.”
  • “She always felt grateful for the love and support of her loved ones, friends and teammates.”

When You Should Use Grateful

You can use the word “grateful” if you want to express your appreciation or thanks to someone. For example, you can say or write “I’m grateful that you’re in my life.”

However, you need to consider if the word is appropriate to use because some consider “grateful” a casual word. In a professional setting, you can simply use the word “thank you.”

You might also feel that another synonym simply sounds better depending on the context. For example, if you use a lot of words that start with a hard “g” or “gr” sound in a paragraph, letter or note, then you might use “appreciative” or “thankful” instead of grateful.


As you can see, people commonly misspell grateful as “gratefull,” “greatful,” and “gratefull.” If you previously did the same, you don’t need to feel embarrassed anymore! By using our guide and useful spelling tips, you will be able to spell “grateful” the right way in the future.

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