How Do You Spell Gorgeous?

The term gorgeous is a common adjective that describes someone that is beautiful or something pleasant or attractive. It can be used as a means of flattery, or as a means of endearment. In this article, we’ll be answering the commonly asked question, how do you spell gorgeous?

How Do You Spell Gorgeous?

Now that you’re more informed, here is how to spell gorgeous. For those wondering how do you spell gorgeous, it is really simple. The spelling is the same for both American and British English. “G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s” is the right way to spell it.

If you’re on the internet, you may come across spelling such as “gawjus”, “gorjuss”, or “gorjess.” You should not that all three spellings are wrong. Those are simply meme spellings and the only way to spell gorgeous remains “gorgeous”

History of the Word Gorgeous

Before diving into the right way to spell gorgeous, let’s have a quick look at the history and origin of the word gorgeous.

The word gorgeous originated from several places. Its origin includes the Middle English term “gorgeouse,” the middle French term “Gorgias” which means to be elegant and/or fashionable. It also draws from several old French terms such as “gourgais” which means flaunty, elegant, fine.

Back in the late Middle Ages, one of the fashion trends was for women to wear a type of headdress (known as a wimple in English). The headdress surrounded the neck and head and left only the face uncovered.

The word “Gorgias” from “gorge (meaning throat)” was the French name for the part of the headdress meant to cover the shoulders and the throat. As time went by, everyone started calling the entire headdress a gorgias. Soon, the headdress became a mark for high fashion ladies.

The word gorgias then evolved to become an adjective that meant elegant (meaning fond of dress). It was adopted into English as gorgayse, which then evolved into gorgeous. Before long, gorgeous gradually took on the meaning it has today.

Difference Between Beautiful and Gorgeous

Although gorgeous and beautiful are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. They can both be used to pay someone a compliment, and often people use them concurrently to avoid sounding repetitive and to appear different. The reality is, the two terms are completely different, and using them interchangeably to represent the same quality is wrong.

Gorgeous and beautiful can be used to describe actions, people, ideas, or things or even the expression of approval when someone does or says something right. While the two may be sending the same message, that something looks or feels or is good, the parameters for using them are different.

Let us look at the definition of these two terms, the possible similarities, and the differences between them

Definition of Beautiful

Beautiful refers to someone, something, an idea, or an aesthetically appealing place. Therefore, it does not only refer to physical attraction or outside beauty but to whatever is pleasing to the senses and the mind.

For example, you can say a woman, a poem, scenery, a photo, or a house is beautiful. The items listed may be regarded as beautiful because they are pleasing to the eye, while others possess other qualities that make them worth the term beautiful.

A woman may be considered beautiful because of her character. You may find the way she interacts with people quite pleasing, and for that reason, you can hear people saying she has a beautiful heart. A poem may be beautiful not because of the technical aspects of it such as the flow of words, the structure, or the rhyming, but for the message in it.

How to Use Beautiful

Most times, beautiful is used to describe/complement women. Most people use it when describing a woman’s physical appearance. However, beautiful is better used in describing her character, her energy than to describe her outer looks.

A woman that you can describe as beautiful both inside and out can enchant everyone they meet. Their joy, passion, love, generosity, and care are completely infectious. These are the traits that will make people describe her as beautiful. Her confidence and accomplishments can also speak to her beauty.

Definition of Gorgeous

The term gorgeous describes an individual or an item that is striking, attractive, stunning, or appealing to the eyes. Gorgeous is used to describe physical and outward appearances that are considered irresistible. The weather could also be described as gorgeous if you find it enjoyable and pleasant. It can also be used to describe a photo, a location, or even an outfit.

Gorgeous, unlike beautiful, is used more with the outward appearance, than what’s on the inside. Gorgeous best describes attributes that catch the eye.

How Gorgeous Is Used

As an adjective, gorgeous describes qualities that are striking, stunning, good-looking, or visually appealing. It can also describe a wonderful feeling towards an individual.

Similarities Between Gorgeous and Beautiful

Both terms are adjectives. They are both used to describe an action, a place, an individual, a feeling, or a thing that is pleasant to the senses.

Differences Between Gorgeous and Beautiful

Some of the differences between these two terms are highlighted below.

1. They both mean different things

Although they are both adjectives, one is used to describe something or someone that is aesthetically pleasing to all the senses. Beautiful describes anything that appeals to the mind as well as the other senses. Gorgeous also describes aesthetically pleasing items or individuals but for those that are only visually appealing. Gorgeous is used to qualify your outer looks and your physical attributes.

2. Gender application

Historically, beautiful was used to describe women while gorgeous was used to describe both men and women. However, society today is largely unconcerned with gender norms, and as such beautiful is now used to describe both men and women as well.

3. Their etymology

The etymology of gorgeous relates to terms that meant elegance, splendor, delightfulness, showiness, gaudiness, etc. The etymology of beautiful is related to courtesy, seductiveness, goodness, generosity, etc.

4. Their uses

Beautiful is best used to describe people, places, phenomena, or objects that appeal to you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whereas gorgeous best describes objects, people, and places that appeal to you physically/visually.

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