26 Funny Nouns You Should Start Using

Whether you’re a writer, stand-up comedian, or just a class clown trying to get through high school, it pays to have an extensive vocabulary. This is especially true when you find yourself needing a comprehensive list of funny nouns for mad libs.

Just so everyone is on the same page here, a noun is a word used to define a person, place, thing, idea, or state of being. With that in mind, let’s go over a list of funny words everyone should know and some example sentences.

Just a fair warning, though. Some of these nouns can make your stomach hurt from laughing! 


A picture of snickersee, a funny noun, meaning knives

First on our list is “snickersnee,” and it is not a mini version of Snickers. Snickersnee is actually a knife. Its origin dates back to the middle 17th century, coming from the Dutch phrase “steken of snijden.” You can also use this word if your statement involves knife fighting. 

Example: I need a snickersnee to slice this apple! 


The noun “collywobbles” is not associated with wobbling. Instead, this noun is another word for stomachache or bellyache. 

Example: I have collywobbles after eating too much spicy food!


You’ve probably heard of the noun “shenanigans” when someone refers to a shady or dubious situation, but it can also mean a trick or a ploy to underhand a purpose. 

Example: I’m fed up with all your shenanigans! 


Aside from collywobbles, you can also use “crapulence” if you are experiencing intemperance due to excessive food or drinking. This word’s origin is from the Latin crāpulentus, which means intoxicated.

Example: Many of us will experience crapulence due to the free-flowing bar at this party! 


A person having borborgym

Do you know what word to use if your stomach rumbles because you’re hungry? Well, it’s borborygmus! This funny word is often associated with the rumbling noise in your stomach when you haven’t eaten for a while or if you need to take the number two! 

Example: I know my borborygmus is distracting, so I’m going to eat my lunch early today. 


If you think “gardyloo” is associated with going to the loo, you are almost right. Gardyloo is a warning cry used in Scotland to warn passersby that dirty water or urine will be thrown out the window. 

Example: I shouted “gardyloo!” before throwing out my waste. 


Doggo is just a funny way of saying dog. It’s a singular noun and is very easy to use. While normally a common noun, you can also use it as a proper noun if you refer to someone as “Doggo.”

Example: My doggo needs to wiz like a hurricane right now, so I’ll talk to you later.


Hodgepodge is an old-fashioned word used to describe a collection of random things. These could be actual physical objects or even something abstract, like a collection of concepts or ideas. In either case, hodgepodge is a collective noun that describes a group of things similar to nouns, like a pride of lions or a flock of seagulls.

Example: Sorry, but dinner tonight will have to be a hodgepodge of what was left in the fridge because your dad lost his job again.


Contrary to what many believe, scalawag does not mean prostitute. Instead, what it means is someone who behaves poorly but mischievously instead of being pure evil. This word was commonly used by pirates centuries ago.

Example: Find Jimmy Cutwater and lock that scalawag below deck before he mucks up the entire raid!


A picture showing a donnybrook, a funny noun that means a free for all fight

Instead of saying “brawl,” you can use “donnybrook.”This noun refers to a rowdy, free for all fight whose origins date back to the 1200s. You can also use this word for dispute. 

Example: There was a donnybrook at the bar yesterday.


Another funny noun you should use in everyday conversations is “snollygoster.” This word refers to someone who is unprincipled and cares more about personal gain over others’ welfare. 

Example: The politician is such a snollygoster! I don’t know why people still vote for him. 


A Wampus is a cat-like creature from American folklore that’s said to be able to take you to the brink of insanity if you look into its piercing yellow eyes. Pretty scary for something with such a silly name. 

These days the noun wampus is used to refer to something monstrous or strange in a frightening manner.

Example: When Wendle gets a little booze in him, he’s like a wampus on a rampage!”


When it comes to funny nouns, you can’t beat “dingus.” It’s easy to use in a sentence since it can refer to almost anything. Even though it’s not a very long word, the sheer flexibility of “dingus” makes it a great common noun in just about any situation.

Example: Richard, stop screwing around and help us erect this tower, you dingus!


An exaggerated and silly way of saying “bro.” It works best when you use it in text because if you say it in real life, people will probably think you’re saying bro with a weird accent. Admittedly, this is basically what this noun is anyway, but it tends to be more sarcastic.

Example: Do you even lift, bruh?


a photo showing a stack of bibble, a funny noun.

No, “bibble” is not a misspelling of “bible.” It’s a midland dialect for “pebble,” and the meaning is the same – a smooth rounded rock. 

Example: I found a bibble by the cave. 


The English language is so extensive that some funny nouns seem made up. But that’s not the case with “taradiddle.” It’s really a word, and it means “pretentious nonsense.” 

Example: The noun “taradiddle” feels like a taradiddle. 


Booty is one of the funniest words, according to a 2017 study by the University of Warwick. But what does this noun mean? It can be slang for buttocks. However, you can also use it for an item of value or refer to anything stolen. 

Example: You’ll find the booty in the barn. 


A desk filled with gubbins.

The noun “gubbins” have different meanings. You can use it when referring to a silly person, a collection of objects without any value, a small device, or rubbish.

Example: I’ve got to clear this gubbins this weekend! 


In the United States, rubbish means trash, but in the UK, this fun word can also mean nonsense. Although not as humorous as other funny words in this list, using “rubbish” from time to time can leave the person you are talking to confused and even bursting with laughter.

Example: Don’t let the kids hear about your rubbish! 

Tip: If you want to incorporate more British slang into your vocabulary, check out our list of British phrases that are confusing to Americans.


Ever wondered if there is a word for when you stretch your arms or legs when yawning? Well, it is “pandiculation.” This word also applies to furry companions! 

Example: The chihuahua was doing pandiculation after waking up from his afternoon nap. 


A dog holding a bumbershoot

Forget the word “umbrella” and start using “bumbershoot” next time it’s raining cats and dogs outside! This slang’s origin is unknown, but many argue that “bumber” is an alteration of “umbr,” and the “shoot” refers to “parachute.”

Example: I lost my bumbershoot yesterday. 


“Comeuppance” is not technically funny, but you can use it to add flair to your sentences. This singular noun means deserved punished. So, instead of saying, “He deserved his punishment,” you can say, “He got his comeuppance for his parole violation.”

Example: Good people can also get a comeuppance. 


A debacle is when something goes horribly wrong to the point of being a total embarrassment. While this may not as obscure as some of the other nouns on this list, calling something a debacle can be funny if used in certain situations. This is particularly true if a specific person is responsible for the “debacle,” and you need to remind them of their incompetence.

Example: This entire debacle is your fault, Larry!


Sometimes funny nouns can describe a severe psychological condition. This is one of those cases. Zoanthropy is when someone legit believes they have transformed into an animal and begins behaving as one. It sounds hilarious until one of your relatives falls victim to zoanthropy, and suddenly you have to change their litter box.

Example: Bridget was so overcome by zoanthropy that we had to put her on a leash every time she left the house.

Stool Pidgeon

A stool pigeon is someone who rats you out to the cops or the FBI. Sometimes they’re a plant from the beginning, but other times it just happens spontaneously for various reasons. Either way, stool pigeons usually have an awful time in jail. Also, although it is two words, it should still count when using funny nouns for mad libs since it is a singular concept.

Example: Don’t trust Two-Cent Bobby. He’s a known stool pigeon!


The word “chungus” was created as a childish insult by YouTuber Commander Stephanie Sterling in 2012. Years later, it morphed into a meme featuring a morbidly obese Buggs Bunny from the Merrie Melodies episode “Wabbit Twouble.” These days the word means “adorably chunky” and can be a common or proper noun or even an adjective depending on how you use it. Basically, it’s just a funnier version of the word “chonky.”

Example: Bruno, get your fat butt over here right now, you double-wide chungus!

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