Ensure vs. Insure

A lot of folks use “insure” and “ensure” interchangeably. While these two words sound alike and represent similar ideas, there is no situation in which these two words are interchangeable. In this post, we will learn the differences between these words and get to know when to use them.

Difference Between Insure and Ensure

Both insure and ensure words are verb forms that have some relationship with “making sure.” However, each of them has a different meaning. Let’s learn more about these two words in detail.

What Does Ensure Mean?

The word Ensure is a promise of a future result. When you ensure something, you take to guarantee that it will happen in the future. For example, I floss my teeth every day to ensure my gums will stay healthy. Some of the common synonyms for the word ensure include

  • Guarantee 
  • Make sure
  • Assure
  • Secure

Examples of the word ensure in sentences

  • We must study more to ensure we get good grades in exams.
  • Ensure your online safety by changing your password.
  • We tried our best to ensure the success of the project.
  • You need to ensure that all students are safe in their dormitories.
  • The university must ensure fairness in the admission process.
  • Take a bath regularly to ensure personal hygiene.
  • Being a renowned oil company, we must ensure the continuity of fuel supplies during this pandemic.
  • This inspection will ensure a high degree of uniformity in the standard of service.
  • The airline has taken strict actions to ensure the safety of passengers.

What Does Insure Mean? 

The word “insure” means to insure something or someone with an insurance policy.” For example, this policy will insure your house against fire and theft burglary. An insurance policy is an arrangement by which an insurance company provides compensation for a specified loss to the insured.

 Examples of the word insure in sentences

  • Some insurance companies don’t insure houses against floods and other natural disasters.
  • I want to insure my house first.
  • It’s advisable to insure your life against illness, disability, and death.
  • You won’t believe, but Jame’s life is insured for two hundred thousand dollars.
  • Which company should I insure with?
  • Insure your baggage before our leave for your tour.
  • My camera is insured against damage and loss.
  • How much will it cost to insure my house against fire?
  • This company doesn’t insure young drivers.
  • The company refused to insure us because of our old age.
  • Don’t worry; it doesn’t cost much to insure your personal belongings.

Note: The word “insured” is the past simple tense of insure.

How to Remember the Difference Between Ensure and Insure

It would be best if you simply remember that insure is used to refer to an idea of protection that has an insurance policy attached while ensure is related to an action done to guarantee a specific outcome. If you often forget the spelling of these words, you can use the following trick. To remember that insure starts with “I.” you can remember that you take out insurance if something goes wrong.

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