10 Commonly Misspelled Words That Make You Look Unprofessional

Despite the prevalence of online grammar and spelling checker tools, recent data analysis by AI-writing platform QuillBot uncovered the most commonly misspelled words.

Commonly Misspelled Words
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QuillBot took the 150 most misspelled words in American English and analyzed how frequently the spelling mistakes are entered in monthly Google searches.

The Methodology

QuillBot used data from their grammar checker about the 150 most commonly misspelled words in the US. The misspellings of the words were then put in Ahrefs, a tool that shows estimated Google search volumes, which revealed how many times a month the incorrect spellings are searched.

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Most Commonly Misspelled Words

10. Congratulations

17,000 individuals spelled “congratulations” as “congradulations.” Like other spelling mistakes on this list, “congradulations” doesn’t exist in the dictionary, and it simply stems from the word’s pronunciation, particularly how the letter t is pronounced as “dj.”

9. Occurred 

Having double letters in one word also confuses 18,000 Americans. Instead of having two Rs, “occurred” is spelled with just one letter r. 

One probable explanation of the misspelling is adding the suffix -ed, which changes the tense of the root or main word, occur. 

In most words like talk, the suffix -ed is simply added, with no alteration to the spelling. In the case of “occurred,” another r is inserted before the suffix, as the word’s final syllable consists of a vowel and consonant. Another word following this rule is “preferred.”

8. Connecticut

In QuillBot’s findings, 20,000 individuals spelled Connecticut without the letter c before the t in the middle of the word. This spelling error is identical to another commonly misspelled word, “arctic,” wherein the letter c was omitted in writing because it is silent when pronounced. 

7. Believe

25,000 individuals also misspell “believe” as “belive,” omitting the letter e before the letter v. Like receive, the common spelling mistake of believe is partly because the letters i and e are pronounced as a long e. 

6. Rhythm

Many individuals use rythm” instead of “rhythm” on Google, raking in 30,000 spelling  search errors per month – just 3,000 shy from the previous misspelling of “separate.” 

Similar to other misspelled words, the spelling confusion of “rhythm” is because of how the word is pronounced, with the first h being silent and the absence of a vowel between the letters th and m. Still, the correct spelling of the word is with two Hs. 

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