Cite vs Site vs Sight

Most people easily get confused when it comes to differentiating between the words “cite” and “site” whey they are presented in writing. Since the words are homophones, the words can be easily confused.

Most people focus on the pronunciation of the two which is very similar but forget to dig deep into the meaning, hence the misuse of the two words. Let’s breakdown the meaning of the words cite vs site and how they can be used best in different scenarios correctly.

The Difference Between Cite and Site

While the words may sound similar, the differences in the spelling and meaning of the words are clear.

The Word “Site”

Let’s get started with the word “site” and break it down in order to get the right meaning and use. The word “site” is a noun and is commonly used to refer to a location or place where a specific activity or event is set. When the word “site” is used in a sentence, you must make sure that context conveys that you mean a location or place.

A sentence such as “The site was full of water when the architect came” gives a clear meaning. The word “site” can work with a prefix as well while retaining its meaning, such as a with the word “website,” a location on the internet.

The Word “Cite”

On the other hand, the word “cite” is pronounced exactly as “site” but it is a verb. The word “cite” means to refer to something or quote something. It can also be used to refer to a situation where a notice of violation has been issued such as when a police officer cites a citizen for breaking the law. An example of the ord “cite” in a sentence is “The research cited perfectly on the source.” This shows a clear and perfect use of the word “cite.”

What about the words sight vs site?

We defined the word “site” above as being the location of a place, whether physical (construction site) or digital (website). The word “sight” on the other hand means something that you see and has multiple definitions. According to Grammarist, the word “site” can mean:

(1) the ability to see; (2) one’s field of vision; (3) something seen; (4) a place or thing worth seeing; and (5) the part of a firearm used to aim


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