Catagory vs. Category: What Is the Right Spelling?

Catagory vs. category is one of the most common problems people have with spelling. Well, if you’ve had issues spelling those properly in the past, we’ve got a treat for you. Read on to learn how to spell it the right way, and we’ll even show you an easy way to remember the proper spelling.

Category Meaning: What Is It?

If a group of objects is similar, they might belong to the same category of items. For instance, if you are shopping for running shoes, you’ll notice that an online store will categorize them under “running shoes” and not “walking shoes.”

It’s derived from the Greek word “kategoros.” Since then, it evolved to its modern form, exchanging the K for a C. It also lost the -os ending, replaced by a simple Y.

Using Category in a Sentence

The word category is most commonly used as a noun, but you can also use it as part of a compound adjective as well. So, how do you use it? Using “category” in a sentence is relatively straightforward. Here are some examples.


  • That bird belongs to a category of finch, and it’s among the rarest found in the natural world.
  • Trucks belong to a different category of vehicles than cars.
  • Which category of taxpayer do you belong to?
  • He won the top award in his category at the competition.
  • Finding the right category of movies isn’t always as easy as you’d think.

Catagory vs. Category: How to Spell Category?

Picture showing the right spelling of category vs catagory

The correct spelling of the word category is C-A-T-E-G-O-R-Y. If you’ve had problems spelling it in the past, it’s likely due to the way it sounds. The word category has the soft E sound as opposed to the hard E sounds, like in the word Eel.

Remember, “catagory” is not an actual word. The way you spell category is by using an E after the A. There are no repeated vowels in the word category, either. Each of the vowels follows in ascending order. The A comes before the E, and the E comes before the O. After the O, then there’s the final vowel, the letter Y.

Trick to Remembering the Spelling

Next time you’re struggling with catagory vs. category, you can use the following trick to remember the proper spelling: Cate loved to categorize her belongings.

See, there’s a name inside of the word. Or, you can check to see if you’ve repeated any vowels. As long as there are no repeated vowels, then you’ve spelled the word category correctly.

Here’s a simple sentence that you can also use: Cate loves to watch gory movies.

Add Cate and gory together, and you’ve got the proper spelling.


Catagory vs. category is one of the most common issues people have whenever spelling the word category. Spelling it properly is pretty easy, though. Just remember that there are no repeated vowels. And, you can use the following sentence as an easy reminder. Cate loves gory movies. If you do that, you’ll never misspell the word category again.


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