Best Web Hosting for Blogs 2021

Finding a web host for your blog can be challenging. While there are several free blog hosts you can use to get started, it’s nice to have a website that you own especially once your blog starts growing beyond a few views a month. Below we’ve ranked our favorite web hosts based on their features, service, and affordability.

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In the table below we have outlined our favorite web hosts for bloggers. You can read more about the pros and cons of these web hosts below.

Web HostBest ForHosting Type
1. BluehostBeginnerShared, VPS
2. HostgatorBeginnerShared, VPS
3. Liquid WebIntermediateManaged
4. WP Engine Wordpress HostingIntermediateManged
5. Kinsta Wordpress HostingIntermediateManged
6. Siteground HostingBeginnerShared
7. Godaddy Web HostingBeginnerShared
8. InMotion HostingBeginnerShared, VPS
9. Wordpress.comBeginnerShared
10. DreamHostBeginnerShared, VPS

The right web host has the following components which we have evaluated each of the web hosts below on:

Support: Support for when things go wrong is a must. You want to look for a web host that has phone, chat, and email support as well as backups. This will ensure you can always get help when your website is broken, needs to be upgraded, or just isn’t working as you expect.

Uptime: Uptime is a direct measure of reliability. It is the percent of time that a website is available over a period of time. Look for a web host that promises at least 99.9% uptime (23.98 hours out of 24 or only down for about 2 minutes per day at most).

Type of Hosting: There are three main types of web hosts for blogs: shared, managed, and VPS. Shared hosting means you share hosting space (hard drive capacity, memory, processor, etc) with other websites. It’s the cheapest option for sure, but if another website eats up a lot of memory or processor speed, it could slow down your website. Managed hosting means someone else handles all of the set up so you don’t have to worry about the technical details. Finally, VPS, or Virtual Private Server, means you own the entire server and generally the technial set up as well. We recommend shared hosting for beginners. Once your site is getting 100-1000 page views a day, we recommend upgrading to a VPS.

Price: Most beginner, Shared hosting plans can be found for less than $10 per month. This is pretty reasonable. VPS and Managed hosting plans are generally much more expensive ($20-50 per month) and should only be used by those who have significant traffic (>50K page views per month) to their blogs.

1. Bluehost

Our favorite webhost on this list of Bluehost. We actually hosted Capitalize My Title on Bluehost for many years before we outgrew them and had to switch to AWS. It is cheap, fast, and reliable which makes it a great. In fact, you can get Bluehost’s shared hosting for as low as $3.95/mo which is extremely affordable for bloggers just starting off. All packages available from Bluehost make it extremely easy to install WordPress (our favorite blogging software which Capitalize My Title runs), set up email, and get blogging!


  • Very affordable
  • Flexible hosting options


  • Customer service can be lacking and slow

2. HostGator

HostGator is another great alternative for beginners. Their hosting pacakges are extremely affordable (Hatchling plan starts at $2.75/mo) and they come with superior uptime and reliability. Additionally, their packes come with CPanel and one-click install as many other beginner hosts come with. The main downside of HostGator is that they charge for many addons including true backups, Gmail integration, and SEO help. Many of these addons aren’t necessary, but Bluehost includes several of them for free.


  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • 99.98% over the past 16 months
  • User friendly for beginners


  • Slow page loading times (1007ms average)
  • Additional fees for addons

3. Liquid Web

If you don’t want to have to run your own web host and you want someone else to take care of all of the technical set up, then Liquid Web is a great solution for you. This managed web host runs websites on their own dedicated servers and VPS. If your blog is large enough that you want someone else to run the technical stuff so you can focus on creating great content, then Liquid Web is right for you. Their single site Managed WordPress hosting plans start at $29/mo.


  • Managed hosting and support let you focus on the important things
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • High performance plans


  • No shared hosting plans
  • Pricier hosting since they are managed
liquid web

4. WP Engine Wordpress Hosting

WP Engine web hosting is a top-quality Wordpress host that offers excellent uptime, Security that is specific to Wordpress, cloud platform flexibility, real-time threat detection, daily backups, and other great features. Overall, managed WordPress plans offered by WP Engine are an excellent choice, they allow you to get your website up and running very quickly.

Breakdown of WP Engine Plans

Their basic plans start at $35 a month and it supports a single WordPress installation, up to 25,000 visitors every month, data transfers of up to 50G a month, but only 10G of storage. If you want to step up your hosting plan you can choose their Growth plan, The cost starts at $115 a month, this plan supports five installations and 100,000 users. Monthly data transfers are as high as 200GB and more storage at 20G. The next step up is Scale, costs start at $290 a month and allow for up to 15 WP installations, it supports up to 400,000 visits and data transfers of up to 40G, it also offers 30G of storage.

WP Engine also offers their customers the option of Custom plan that is designed for larger businesses who get millions of visits every month, these plans support 400G of data transfers every month and offer 1TB of storage. Contact the WP Engine sales team for more accurate pricing information. WP Engine cannot be considered a cheap hosting service, but they do not position themselves as one. They aim to provide services to businesses interested in the high-end of the hosting market.


  • WPengine web hosting offer a 60-day refund policy if you are not happy.
  • They also offer 35 free themes powered by StudioPress
  • The Genesis Framework is also free to customers


  • They do not offer email hosting facilities
  • Their High-end packages are expensive
wp engine hosting

5. Kinsta Wordpress Hosting

The Kinsta Hosting company was created by experienced WordPress developers. These developers had the vision to make Kinsta Wordpress hosting company the best around. Kinsta offers different levels of hosting and support. The first package they offer is called “the starter package” and starts at 30 dollars per month. The starter package offered by Kinsta will allow a transfer of 1 WordPress website from another hosting company. Migration from another hosting company is made easy with experienced engineers walking you through this process . They give you 10 Gigabytes of storage and support 20,000 visitors and month with this package. A content delivery network (CDN) is included in this package. This CDN supports 50 GB of data. A CDN is a great way to speed delivery of website components to your users. The “Pro” package offered by this company is 60 dollars per month. You will be allowed 2 Wordpress installs, 20 GB of memory, 2 premium migrations, support of up to 40,000 visitors per month, and a CDN that supports up 100 GB.


  • Easily migrate and test your Wordpress site to this webhosting platform
  • Lots of memory
  • Included CDN to help speed up delivery to your users
  • Excellent support


  • Expensive pricing
kinsta hosting

6. SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround Hosting is in high demand among the web hosting beginners mainly because of its 24/7 great support system. This web hosting platform had been operating since 2004 and since then sold 2,000,000 domains. The domain name registration service is easy to use and the fast and impeccable performance of servers is noted by the customers. There are lots of hosting options with various helpful features and integrated applications. However, clients have to buy their domain names and they aren’t cheap.

SiteGround Hosting offers users various web hosting plans that include Web, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Cloud hosting plans. The cheapest Web Hosting plan includes three options: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. StartUp costs $3.95 per month and provides the customer with one website and 10 GB of storage. It allows 10,000 visits per month. GrowBig and GoGeek offer the unlimited number of websites with their storage space being 20GB AND 30GB respectively. For GrowBig, 25,000 visits allowed while for GoGeek 100,000 visits. This Web Hosting plan is suitable for small and medium-sized websites and for bloggers that just began their experience in web hosting. Don’t forget that apart from choosing a hosting plan you will still need to buy a domain name and the cheapest one costs $13.95.

This web hosting platform adjusts to the needs of its users and has tons of useful features such as your own caching system, unlimited database and email accounts, and extremely stable servers. At the same time, if you want to expand your website in the future and have a really big website, the web hosting plan won’t work for you.


  • Reliable and fast servers
  • Excellent 24/7 support team


  • The domain name is bought separately from the hosting plan
  • Only one website is allowed on the StartUp hosting plan
siteground hosting

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a funny name for a web hosting service, yet it is quite popular with the users. One of the reasons is that it’s simple and comfortable to use and provides everything needed to effectively manage your domain. The loading speed is fast and the features are easy to understand. It cooperates well with other popular web applications and for a good value, you get a full package of domain registration, marketing, and web hosting. It can meet all your needs and provide many useful services to achieve your goals.

There are currently five hosting types to choose from that include Shared, Wordpress, Business, VPS, and Dedicated. Each is provided with a series of features that will help you to thrive in your web hosting experience. The pricings seem to be cheap at first, but as you read all of the information including the fine print, you realize that it’s more expensive than the rest of web hosting platforms. However, expensive doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. For beginners, GoDaddy may be the best option because everything needed for website creation and web hosting is right there in one place.

The lowest pricing plan for GoDaddy is $2.99 per month. This cost includes all the features of the shared hosting plan. The next in line is a WordPress hosting that is slightly more expensive than shared but not by much. Business hosting takes a high leap in price, then the next is VPS, while the most expensive plan is a dedicated one. However, the special features of the dedicated plan just might be worth it as this web hosting platform is still extremely popular and considered one of the best out there.


  • Superb website builder with useful features and templates.
  • GoDaddy hosting is supported by the latest technology.


  • The more technical you get with web hosting, the more you realize that the plans are more expensive than on the other similar platforms.
  • GoDaddy has a limit for disk space and database.
godaddy hosting

8. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the older and more established web hosting services out there. It earned its popularity with the users by having a great uptime rate, fast speed, and reliable support system. InMotion operates various servers and you can buy the space from them to store your data on these servers. It provides a wide range of web hosting services and features. InMotion has two database centers and over 300,000 domains in the customer base. The hosting platform integrates well with other web applications and makes it perfect for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and eCommerce sites, as well as bloggers and businessmen.

This web hosting platform introduces four different types of hosting plans to choose from and they include Business, Wordpress, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and Dedicated. The pricing for the Business plan is the cheapest and costs $6.39 per month, while the Wordpress plan isn’t far behind, with a difference in only 60 cents. VPS and Dedicated plans are much more expensive, with Dedicated having the largest cost and array of features. When you purchase your plan, it takes InMotion up to 2 days to process your request, and then you can start working on your web hosting site.

This hosting platform is suitable for business owners, freelancers, resellers and agencies. InMotion Hosting is one of the leading hosting services out there and received the best result from a respectable consumer protection agency. The hosting platform provides you with all of the required resources for your web hosting experience.


  • Excellent uptime rate, fast speed, and 24/7 reliable support
  • 90 Days money-back guarantee


  • Delayed 2-days verification process
  • There is a fixed number of websites per account that vary for different plans and can be an issue for some entrepreneurs that need many different sites for their work.
inmotion hosting


Nowadays, various kinds of information have rapidly circulated on the Internet, and with more and more people tends to search for information online, it’s become a necessity to have a secure place to store your information or data online. If you want to create a website of yours, then you need to utilize web hosting to achieve your goal. Web hosting is a kind of service which allows either individuals or organizations to post a website on the Internet. By carefully managing web hosting and selecting the suitable web hosting service provider, your website is bound to increase visibility and thus potentially strengthen your business and generate more income if possible. Hence, choosing the optimal web hosting service provider becomes prominent and crucial., one of the most-used web hosting service providers, is quite famous and has a great reputation around the globe. Until now, there are large portions of websites around the world have been built up by using the service provided by has numerous advantages which make it a better choice when people come across web hosting. However, just like everything in the world, does have certain disadvantages. Let us go through some pros and cons here.


  • Countless of plugins are provided by for you to implement on your website.
  • is open-sourced, the functionality and scalability are phenomenal and unparalleled.


  • Safety concern is one of the major disadvantages people or groups have concerned about. Since it’s open-sourced, it’s flexibility also leads to much easier tampering with code by hackers or people with intentions.
  • As provides countless plugins and wide-range support of the database, they also lead to slower connection speed as the whole system becomes massive if you utilize quite a lot of these on your website.
  • Limited customization options. hosting

10. DreamHost

Dreamhost has been around since 1997 has a become a thriving hosting provider. The company has grown to over 400 thousand customers worldwide. Experience with over 750 thousand WordPress website installations and 24-7/365 support sustains the companies vision to help its customers build the website of their dreams.

The “Shared Starter” package begins at only $4.95 per month. With this package you will receive support for one website, This package comes with unmetered bandwidth and unlimited traffic. Wordpress is already pre-installed. The next package that they offer is called the “Shared Starter Unlimited” package. This package starts at $10.95 per month. This package allows you to have unlimited amount of websites. The other features of this package include all of the other features of the “starter” package.


  • 24-7/365 customer service is a excellent.
  • Support for large amounts of traffic.
  • Low-cost provider.


  • Expect a slower web page load time if you have a ton of traffic.
  • For better speed, expect to pay for a higher package.


While al of the web hosting companies above are great options for a blog, we recommend sticking with a Shared hosting account if you are just starting out. These are the most cost effective hosting options and provide great support for those just getting started.

For more advanced users, a managed account or VPS is more likely to suit you and the above options for these types of accounts are also great.

We highly recommend Bluehost as it was the first web host we used for Capitalize My Title. It has great prices, good speeds, and decent support for the blogger getting started.


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