Best Laptop Accessories and Software for Writers

Once you’ve purchased your laptop, you will need to buy some accessories and software in order to get the most out of it and optimize it for your writing routine. We’ve gathered together some of our team’s favorite accessories and software to help you get your new laptop up and running.

Best Laptop Accessories for Writers

The following accessories will help you improve your daily routine of writing so you can focus on what matters in the most comfortable way possible.

Mouse – Logitech MX Master 2S

A mouse is not a mandatory writing accessory, but it certainly makes scrolling through articles, Microsoft Word, and social media a whole lot easier. We love the Logitech MX series and the Master 2S is a great upgrade from the previous version.

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Extra Adapter

An extra adapter is a must so you can quickly pack your laptop to go and leave your regular adapter at home plugged in. My family usually has a common adapter size for the whole family so that we can have an adapter plugged in at each desk, in the living room, and in our backpacks. That makes it really easy to stay mobile without having to fumble for the outlet every time we want to go somewhere with our laptops.

Even if you have different laptops, this universal adapter makes switching plugs a breeze.

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Writing Keyboard

If you have a dedicated writing space and have set up a monitor and docking station, you might want to opt for a writing keyboard. A great writing keyboard will let you write comfortably for hours on end. You can either get a wired or wireless depending on your set up and preferences.

Best Writing Keyboards

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Laptop or Messenger Bag

Laptop and messenger bags are still a classy way to carry your new laptop around. Even if you prefer a backpack, there is something to be said about the look a classic laptop bag says. We recommend that you look for one with lots of pockets for accessories and lots of padding for your laptop.

Graphic Tablet

Whther you’re an artist or just prefer to write your notes out on paper and then digitize them, the iskn The Slate 2+ Pencil & Paper Graphic Tablet is a very handy tablet that allows you to write on actual paper. You slide paper under the clips, grab your favorite pencil or pen, and write/draw away. The included ring attaches to your favorite writing utensil and the tablet below tracks the movement of the writing device so what you write or draw on the paper is accurately reflected on your digital device.

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Docking Station

Like the extra adapter above, a laptop docking station is necessary accessory, but it sure makes staying mobile extremely easy. If you frequently take your laptop from your desk, a docking station makes it easy to quickly remove your laptop while keeping all of your cables (USB plugs, adapters, monitors, etc) plugged in and ready to go. When you come back, all you have to do is connect one plug or switch to your laptop and everything is good to go.

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Some days you just feel like lounging on the couch in front of the TV. You could always set your laptop on your lap, but laptops get hot and there are potential health impacts of resting a laptop on your lap without any protection. One option is placing a pillow in between you and your laptop, but a more effective option is to use a ready-made lapdesk.

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Portable SSD Drive

One thing you’ll definiltey want to include in your laptop bag is a portable external storage drive to back up all of your files. The Samsung T5 is just half an inch thick and is small enough to fit in almost any laptop bag or backpack. It comes is a 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB size so you can buy one that fits in your budget.

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Best Software for Writers

The following software is highyl recommended by our editorial staff and a must for any great writer.

Microsoft Office

While there are a lot of free alternatives that have come about over the last decade (OpenOffice and Google Docs for instance), Microsoft Office still remains a staple in any writer’s toolbox.

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Grammarly is a godsend for writers. It integrates very well with browsers, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs, and they even have their own in-browser editor. We use Grammarly every day and it’s Chrome plugin is free.

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