Apps Like Wattpad for Avid Readers

Ever since Wattpad was launched in 2006, it has become a favorite platform for aspiring writers and avid readers. If you want to explore other genres like romance stories and even start reading haikus and micro-tales, there are many mobile apps like Wattpad. 

Many of these apps and sites like Wattpad are free and only require a Google or Facebook account to join. Some also have a thriving community of readers so that you can meet new friends. 


Screenshot of Webtoon iOS app

First on our list of apps like Wattpad is Webtoon, arguably the largest webcomics platform in the world. You are bound to love epic sagas, manhwa, manga, and daily comic strips. As a matter of fact, you get to explore 23 genres, including action, comedy, fantasy, romance, and horror. 

The app has features that you would like. It is free, offers high-quality and exclusive content, and the interface is easy to navigate. You also have full control over your notifications. There is even an active fan translation community.

Webtoon is a mobile-first service, focusing mainly on iOS and Android apps, while the website is for uploading content. Although you can track and manage the series you have read recently or subscribed to, you will not be able to start reading on your mobile phone and pick it back up when you switch to the web or vice versa.

Similarly, you will not be able to read series between mobile operating systems.

While the system is free to use, creators have the privilege to place any restrictions they want at their discretion.

Teenagers primarily consume webtoons, but not all the content is suitable for kids as they may contain sexual content. The terms and conditions also specify that you should be at least 13 years old to use the platform.

Scary Chat Stories

Screenshot of ScaryChat stories iOS app, a Wattpad alternative

Joining Scary Chat Stories opens you up to hundreds of scary stories, and as its name suggests, mainly in the horror and ghost categories. Unlike other Wattpad alternatives, Scary Chat Stories comes with some unique features. One of which is its storytelling format. Instead of swiping or scrolling through ebook pages, the app sends the story through text messages. 

This gives you an experience similar to reading another individual’s chat history. The platform also keeps things interesting by using pictures to enhance storytelling.

Apart from scary stories, the platform also offers stories in other genres, such as love stories, action, and thrillers. Unfortunately, unlike Wattpad alternatives, writers cannot publish their own stories on Scary Chat Stories. The great news is this does not affect the number of stories available for you to read, as new stories are uploaded daily.

In terms of convenience, you will be pleased to know that you can read the stories at your convenience as they are made available offline.

The app is also called Addicted, and you can get it for free on Android and iOS

As outlined earlier, the app is free, but it contains adverts that some may find intrusive. If this includes you, you can opt for an ads-free premium version at a small cost. The premium version also gives you unfettered access to all stories.


Screenshot of Storyroom iOS app, a Wattpad alternative

Storyroom is one of the Wattpad apps that allows story readers to enjoy content and interact with each other. Since it is a data-driven software, you can access unlimited copyrighted and original novels exclusive to the platform.

Plus, you have access to many genres like love stories and action. You will not get bored as new stories are added to the app regularly. They also release free stories on a weekly schedule. Like Scary Chat Stories, you have access to novels even when you are offline.

There are additional features for your comfort and convenience, such as:

  • An auto-read feature that, when activated, allows you to conduct other tasks while still following your favorite story.
  • You can similarly organize your books to desktop icons simply by dragging and placing them into a folder that you find appropriate.
  • You can sign up for prizes and even win reading tickets for the most popular stories when you check in at the library.
  • There is an eye-protection mode that protects your eyes from blue light and excessive screen brightness.
  • The app allows for screen rotation in both the horizontal and vertical axes.

The app is supported on Android and iOS. However, some features are only available when you make in-app purchases.


Miraquill joined the league of apps like Wattpad when it was originally launched as Mirakee in 2016. Since then, the app has proven to be a worthy Wattpad alternative. 

However, unlike Wattpad, the platform does not focus on the exposure mechanism but emphasizes being a part of the writing community.

On the platform, you can read any written works, such as quotes, poems, stories, or blogs. You can even create aesthetic designs, which you can then share or publish on social media like Pinterest.

Miraquill is committed to developing writers, which is evident in its built-in tools. 

The platform hosts writing challenges. This way, you can explore your creativity by coming up with stories, quotes, and poems using the word prompts provided. As a writer, you will also be able to evaluate your skills by tracking your likes and comments.

Another handy feature of the platform is its Google prompt, allowing other people to find your writing using your pen name. To activate this feature, you will first have to share a minimum of 20 posts within the app before others can locate you using selected keywords.

Lastly, Miraquill is among the best apps like Wattpad because it supports all languages.

The app is available for download on Android and iOS


Screenshot iOS app of

FanFaction.Net is one the best alternatives to Wattpad. Launched in 1998, it was one of the only archives at the time that collected works from all kinds of fandom. 

The largest fandom to be featured on Fanfiction.Net is the Harry Potter series. This category alone has more than 800,000 stories posted on it. Other popular fandoms like Naruto are also available. 

In addition, the platform supports active forums that users use to dissect their fandoms. Similarly, there are communities of moderated and selected fiction as well as a list of beta readers made available with the specific aim of helping readers develop their skills.

Just like Wattpad, FanFiction.Net is free and allows you to publish and edit your own stories. There is also a handy text-to-speech feature that converts the stories into audiobooks that you can listen to while performing other tasks. 

Through the platform’s AI engine, your stories can be translated into your native language for your convenience. FanFiction.Net is available for download both on Android and iOS.


Screenshot of Shorti iOS app

For creative writers that want to come up with and share their short stories with the world, Shorti is one of the best apps like Wattpad that allows you to do so. The app is focused on delivering short stories to its audiences and even allows readers to engage with the writers.

In addition, writers have an opportunity to earn revenue through a subscription service when they amass a considerable following. Writers can also incorporate pictures and videos to enhance storytelling in their short 1500 words stories.

Shorti is available on Android and iOS devices.


Screenshot of Readict iOS app

React is a quality reading app that is similar to Wattpad. The app provides a platform that enables readers to enjoy their preferred stories. In addition, it lets professional essay writers publish their work easily, develop their skills, and monetize their work when they become good enough.

Readict offers free novels to readers, with the genres giving you new takes on romance and other wild dramatic adventures.

In addition, the app has handy features like “highlighter” and “read later” that allow you to read efficiently and follow up on ideas you like. The app updates its content frequently to ensure something for everyone and gives you a wide selection of novels to choose from at your convenience.

You can get the app on Android and iOS.


Screenshot of Inkitt iOS app

Inkitt is a very reliable app that is similar to Wattpad. Like other apps on our list, you can conveniently read through books on your iPhone or Android. If you are a reader that likes to explore and discover works from new and talented authors, then this is the platform for you. 

You will have a wide selection of works from genres such as action, sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, romance, erotica, and many more. In addition, you can download books and read them offline at your convenience. You can also personalize your reading recommendation to suit your preferences and change the background to the theme and font you find most appealing.


Movellas incorporates 19 genres into its platforms, such as fanfiction, poetry, fantasy, and realism, among many others. It is also a social storytelling platform – it has a community where readers and writers can interact. 

In addition, a discover feature allows you to find new stories and capable writers. There are also reading competitions derived from word prompts or particular themes.

Another great thing about this app is that you can download stories. That means you can enjoy reading without even having an internet connection.

You can also get this app for iOS and Android.


Penana iOS app like Wattpad

Penana is a social publishing platform that allows up-and-coming writers to convey their stories. The app has three modes of writing:

  • Story mode: Here, you can write any story in chapters and across any genre.
  • Contest mode: You can write a contest on any topic and interact with other users that use the platform.
  • Blog mode: In this mode, you can develop your blog and decide what you want to share with others.

In addition, you can develop your writing skills through the mini writing contests.

You can download the app on Android and iOS.

What’s Your Favorite Storytelling Platform? 

Regarding apps like Wattpad, your favorite option will largely depend on your reading preferences and the app’s features. The options featured above are all viable, and you can sample any of them to see which best suits your needs as an avid reader!

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