And the Winner of Our Spooky Story Title Contest Is…

Stephanie with the titleย The Sinister Night That Never Ended.

Congrats to Stephanie who will be receiving five Capitalize My Title laptop stickers and a boxed set of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark!

See the complete list of winning titles below:

NameSpooky TitleVotes
StephanieThe Sinister Night That Never Ended37
HannahWhen the Wind Whispers Back14
AdamEarth’s Last Beating Heart12
DanielI Have the Brain of a Teenager … In a Jar10
AdamIt Is Near7
AlI Survived Seven Minutes In Hell6
ArturoThe Tale of the Harrowingly out of Date Handbook5
AlanaAbandoned Homes and Restless Souls5
EmilyThe Mortician’s Wife5
DanteNew Supervirus Accidentally Released from WHO: J.O. Mama4
SelenaWhen Eyes Follow4
TomThe Day Trump Became World President4
MattIt Was Quiet. Too Quiet…4
SamanthaBeware of The Trees That Have Eyes; Your Soul Depends on it. 4
Gerardine A Crazy Dead Famer Is Haunting My Tractor 3
JasmineThe Bride’s last words3
kylerThe Empty Smile of a Doll3
JenniferTurns Out I’m 100 Percent that Witch2
GThe Awakenoing2
GraceSpooky Scary Skeletons2
Sarah And she took her last breath…2
JoshuaDr. Sugar, the Toothless Vampire1
KimBone-chilling Screams From the Depths of Hell1
ElmaleneMe, myself and I. 1
PedroThe three rotten butter bars1
franceskalaughing jack1
YasheshFloating White Sheet in the Dark Woods1
MarissaVictor, Colorado Is Fighting Extinction with the Haunted, Victorian Gothic Black Monarch Hotel1
ScottThere Is a Tree Growing from My Vagina1
SueBoiling Blueberries and Brown Sugar1
TahaThe Ghost of the Haunted Asylum0
ElizabethThe Mom Who Didn’t Get Enough Sleep0
BeccaAnd Then, My Check Engine Light Flicked On…0

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