Adjectives That Start With Th

There are hundreds of adjectives in the English language, few of which begin with the digraph Th. From neutral to descriptive and positive to negative, adjectives that start with Th run the gamut in terms of connotation. Some of the adjectives listed herein are so common that you probably don’t realize how frequently you use them, while others are more obscurely used. Check out the many adjectives that start with Th.


Common Adjectives That Begin With Th

How common are the Th adjectives? Actually, there are many Th adjectives that are commonly used in the American vernacular. These, like all adjectives, modify nouns and make us better storytellers. They bring language to life and color our tales. Here are some of the most commonly used descriptive adjectives that start with Th.

Keep in mind that th words like thaw, thrash, and thump are verbs, while thumbs, thanksgiving, and thief are nouns. So you won’t find them here in this list. 

  • Theatrical: Delivered in an excessively dramatic way; with a flair for theatrics
  • Thematic: Associated with a particular subject, idea, or theme
  • Theological: Having to do with matters of religion
  • Theoretic: Based on a logical theory instead of science, practicality, or experience
  • Thinking: One who is considered rational, logical, or with reason
  • Third: Associated with the number 3 in terms of numeric sequencing  
  • Thirsty: Feeling a strong desire or need to hydrate oneself; colloquially, having a strong impulse or longing for something
  • Thirteenth: Associated with the number 13 in terms of numeric sequencing  
  • Thirtieth: Associated with the number 30 in terms of numeric sequencing  
  • Thousandth: Associated with the number 1,000 in terms of numeric sequencing

Descriptive  Adjectives That Begin With Th

While all adjectives are considered descriptive, those listed below are illustrative and expressive in nature. These descriptive words modify nouns and pronouns by expressing their quality or condition. In other words, these adjectives characterize a noun or pronoun by describing physicality, size, physiology, color, and so on.

Here is a list of words that begin with Th: 

  • Theistic: Concerning the belief in godly deities  
  • Thick: Broad and stocky in appearance and girth; comprised of numerous things or people that are densely found or arranged (as in hair strands)
  • Thin: Concerning people, having too little flesh or fat; containing minimal thickness or density
  • Thoral: Having to do with a couple’s marital bed and/or nuptials
  • Thorny: Characterized by prickly thorns; one that causes suffering or discomfort
  • Thaumaturgical: Concerned with the performance of magic and miracles
  • Throaty: A deep or baritone sound or voice
  • Thrummy: Characterized by a shaggy, furry, or fleecy exterior
photo showing negative and positive adjectives that start with th

Positive Adjectives That Begin With Th

With so many positive adjectives in the English language, which will you choose? If you’re grasping for a good Th adjective, consider one of these effective and optimistic adjectives. They are a more original and fun way to compliment someone.

  • Thankful: One who is grateful; a feeling of great relief
  • Thick-skinned: One who is impervious to insults, criticism, and slander
  • Thorough: To perform tasks with great attention to detail; one who is meticulous, careful, and scrupulous
  • Thoroughbred: Stemming from a pure-bred bloodline, typically associated with horse breeding
  • Thoughtful: Having to do with inner contemplation; to show attentive consideration to others
  • Thought-provoking: Stimulating ideas, consideration, and contemplation
  • Thrilling: To cause exhilaration and excitement
  • Thriving: One who is succeeding in life, work, and/or health
  • Thumping: Pertaining to greatness or the condition of being exceptional

Negative Adjectives That Begin With Th

Though the list of negative adjectives that start with Th is a short one, these descriptors strike with a bite. These stingers can be used to describe nouns for which you have dismay and contempt. These are fun adjectives to add to your vocabulary of insults.

  • Thankless: To lack gratitude for a task, to be completed without due appreciation
  • Thievish: Concerning the act of stealing  
  • Thriftless: Spending money or resources in an imprudent, excessive manner
  • Thin-skinned: Easily affected by insults and judgments; to be hypersensitive
  • Threadbare: The condition of being worn out, tattered, and in a shabby condition
  • Thready: To be sparse or thin in appearance; inaudible in terms of sound
  • Threatening: A purposely frightening demeanor; causing another to feel at risk by one’s behavior
  • Threnetic: A condition of sadness, sorrow, or dejection
  • Throneless: To be without a throne
  • Thunderous: Overtly loud; to warn of impending thunder; an intense or tumultuous situation
  • Thwarted: The condition of being defeated or in ruin

List of Adjectives that Begin with Th 

  • Thankful   
  • Therapeutic    
  • Thoughtful    
  • Thrilling   
  • Thriving
  • Threatened
  • Thwarted
  • Thready 
  • Thwarted
  • Threatening
  • Theatrical
  • Thirsty
  • Thriving
  • Thrilling
  • Thrilled
  • Think
  • Thinking
  • Thoughtful
  • Thorough
  • Thornless
  • Thankless 
  • Thank
  • Thankful
  • Three-ply
  • Thwart
  • Thorny  
  • Thin
  • Thinner 
  • Thinnest
  • Thickheaded    
  • Thick-skinned 
  • Thorough  
  • Thrifty
  • Thalassic
  • Thallic
  • Thallious
  • Thalloid
  • Thankful
  • Thankless
  • Thankworthy
  • Thaumaturgic
  • Thousandth
  • Thaumaturgical
list showing adjectives that begin with Th


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