7 Days to Better Writing – Getting Started

We have prepared 7 days worth of articles to help you become a better writer in seven days. You can read these guides one-a-day or all at once, your choice! They cover everything from how you can become a more creative writer to how you can publish your work once you are done.

Day 1: Getting Creative

Have trouble getting creative while writing? Frequently run into writer’s block? This guide will help you open the floodgates of creativity so you can get writing again.

Day 2: Start Writing

Day 2 is all about just starting to write. We walk you through a process you can use to just write even when you don’t think you are able to.

Day 3: Join a Writing Community

Do you feel lonely writing by yourself? In Day 3 we explore writing communities which will allow you to engage with other writers in your area and online. You can share your writing with these communities, get real feedback, and make friends.

Day 4: Improve Your Grammar and Vocabulary

To quickly become a better writer, you need to improve your grammar and vocabulary. In Day 4 we’ll explore tools and resources you can use to improve your grammar and vocabulary rapidly.

Day 5: Identifying Your Audience

Making sure you reach out to the right audience is crucial when you are writing. If your writing does not engage your audience, no one will read what you wrote. In day 5 we’ll tackle this issue so that you are targeting the right audience.

Day 6: Seek Feedback

In Day 6 we’ll talk about how you can get feedback on your writing from both the community you built in Day 3 and other people. We’ll give you a ton of resources so that you can get the right feedback on your writing to make sure it is the best writing possible.

Day 7: Publish Your Writing

Now that you have gone through the first 6 days of our 7 Days to Better Writing, you should have generated a lot of writing that you can publish. In Day 7 we give you a bunch of resources and locations where you can publish your writing to the world.


We hope these 7 days helped you become a better writer. If you have any feedback, feel free to leave it in the comments!

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