7 Days to Better Writing – Day 3: Join a Writing Community

As you continue on your journey to better writing, you may begin to feel a bit lonely. Maybe you’ve been spending quite some time indoors honing your daily habit of writing or you just wished someone were there to keep pushing you. Never fear! The revolution of the Internet has brought writing communities that are just a click away where you can join thousands of other people on a similar journey.

Why Join a Writing Community?

  • They serve as a forum to interact with different people worldwide. These people have the same passion for writing as you do and also want to become better writers.
  • You can always seek advice from those who are further along on their journey than you. In addition, getting feedback on your writing from lots of different people will always make it better.
  • People always share “goodies” on these communities. Whether it’s good books worth reading, meditation tapes, funny images, writing resources, etc., writing communities can provide you with valuable information.
  • Postings for jobs or contests are always posted in these communities.

And top of these reasons, you are making friends, which is always a plus. Making friends with folks from around the world who share similar interests will help you in your writing journey. You learn from different cultures and you share your knowledge with others.

Where Can You Find Good Writing Communities?

Surfing the net is the easiest way to find writing communities that fit your specific needs. Websites such as Scribophile are a good way to start. Reddit channels such as r/Writing also provide a great pre-built community where writers can share their work and get real-time feedback on it.

There are also several Facebook pages that you can join or follow. From communities dedicated to work as a “Union for Freelance Writers” to sites where you can share a laugh with the people there or even share with your non-writer friends. If for some reason you don’t find anything that appeals to your taste, go ahead and create your own writing community. Make sure it has a specific focus though to ensure people stay engaged.

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