100+ Words Related to Games

Playing games is a favorite pastime for many. You can play alone or have a friendly competition with friends. But how many words related to games do you know? To gain a better perspective and understanding, check out these gaming words. 



Have you ever played tennis or tried your hand at golf? Perhaps you even studied and practiced karate or some form of martial arts. If so, you may have participated in a contest where you showcased your competitive prowess before an audience, maybe for a prize or medal. This is known as a tournament.

Board Games

Apples to Apples, Candyland, and Sorry, you name it. It’s a board game! Board games are played using pieces on a board that move up or down, in most cases according to a number on dice or a drawn card. 


Whether it’s a classic brain teaser game or a toy like a Rubik’s Cube, a puzzle can be fun. You’ll spend hours testing your reasoning abilities through Sudoku or using basic math in Kakuro. You can also build your visual skills with a jigsaw puzzle or Spot the Difference. Puzzles require no competition and can be a fun and relaxing way to boost your focus and increase your mental dexterity.

Computer Games

Anything you play on a computer is a computer game. A classic example is online video games like Roblox. But keep in mind that chess, solitaire, or Scrabble also count. And here’s the good news: You don’t always need internet service because many games can be played offline using a bot as an opponent.


If you want to build your vocabulary and have fun at the same time, try crossword. In this popular past-time game, lines are arranged where words must meet horizontally or vertically, with some words sharing a letter. Of course, there are clues to help you solve the puzzle. 


Some games like basketball or volleyball require you to play with other people. These individuals are what you call teammates. They are the ones who help you win against the opponent. 


Welsh developer Josh Wardle created Wordle. The object is to find a 5-letter word in 6 tries or less. Each player is given a set of colored tiles that must match the letters in the word. 


If your video game or game app stops for any reason, chances are you’ve run into a glitch. Your software may be overdue for an update, or the culprit might be a virus. The glitch can also be because of outdated hardware. 


Anything we do for fun is recreational. Sports, video games, and puzzles are just a few examples. Non-game activities like hiking or reading are also recreational.  


Your way of winning at games is known as a strategy. A good textbook describes this word as a plan or objective for achieving desired results in anything. But as one of the words related to games, strategy implies forming a blueprint for playing that leads to winning.

List of Words Related to Games 

  1. Grind
  2. Dice 
  3. Pen 
  4. Amusement 
  5. Clues 
  6. Gameplay 
  7. Wordnet 
  8. Hints 
  9. Grid 
  10. Solvable
  11. Tricky
  12. Educational
  13. Entertaining
  14. Engaging
  15. Interactive
  16. Mind-bending
  17. Strategic
  18. Family-friendly
  19. Classic
  20. Time-consuming
  21. Relaxing
  22. Thought-provoking
  23. Addictive
  24. Complex
  25. Letter Tiles 
  26. Weapons 
  27. Newbie 
  28. Noob 
  29. Bricks 
  30. Buff 
  31. Wordle 
  32. Worldle 
  33. Competitive 
  34. Nerf 
  35. Boss 
  36. Mats 
  37. Players 
  38. Fun
  39. Video game
  40. Gamer
  41. Console
  42. Controller
  43. Joystick
  44. Keyboard
  45. Mouse
  46. Screen
  47. Monitor
  48. Graphics
  49. Sound
  50. Gaming chair
  51. Multiplayer
  52. Single-player
  53. Avatar
  54. Character
  55. Level
  56. Quest
  57. Challenge
  58. Strategy
  59. Role-playing game (RPG)
  60. First-person shooter (FPS)
  61. Adventure
  62. Simulation
  63. Puzzle
  64. Arcade
  65. High score
  66. Esports
  67. Streaming
  68. Twitch
  69. Streamer
  70. Tournament
  71. Team
  72. Player versus player (PVP)
  73. Player versus environment (PVE)
  74. Loot
  75. Power-up
  76. Health
  77. Game over
  78. Inventory
  79. Achievements
  80. DLC (Downloadable content)
  81. Patch
  82. Mod
  83. Cheat code
  84. Gaming community
  85. LAN party
  86. Game development
  87. Beta testing
  88. Interactive
  89. Immersive
  90. Addictive
  91. Engaging
  92. Entertaining
  93. Challenging
  94. Strategic
  95. Fast-paced
  96. Realistic
  97. Casual
  98. Hardcore
  99. Cooperative
  100. Open-world
  101. Multiplayer
  102. Single-player
  103. Role-playing
  104. Action-packed
  105. Simulated
  106. Virtual
  107. Creative
  108. Captivating
  109. Cinematic
  110. Dynamic
  111. Strategic
  112. Retro
  113. High-definition
  114. 3D
  115. Online
  116. Social
  117. Tactical
  118. Fantasy
  119. Sci-fi
  120. Cooperative
  121. Turn-based
  122. Epic
  123. Innovative
  124. Complex
  125. User-friendly
  126. Logic-based

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