What Is the Meaning of PFP?

Using acronyms makes it easier and faster to message friends, colleagues, and family, especially on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One of many acronyms you’ll come across on the internet is PFP. What is the meaning of PFP, you ask?

Meaning of PFP

The meaning of PFP is “profile pic” or “picture for proof.”

A picture showing the meaning of PFP

When you use PFP (picture for proof), you request an image to validate the claim. For instance, you’ve mentioned to your friend that you’re sick, and she asks for “PFP.” That means you’ll have to send proof in the form of a picture.

You can also PFP for online transactions. Let’s say you’ve come across a sale listing that says “unused,” but there aren’t any pictures. You can say PFP to the seller.

In the case of PFP as a profile picture, it just means your photo online.

Acronyms in Messaging

In messaging, acronyms may appear automatically inside the social media application or suggested by a software keyboard.

Google Android often makes suggestions in text messages on the phone, but other times it may only seem that way. For instance, Verizon users will often see different text suggestions in SMS than AT&T subscribers. Suggestions are made by anticipating the user’s desired result. A device is more likely to use one word or acronym based on history rather than make new suggestions.

Devices also play a role in making suggestions for words and acronyms. Not all Androids are running Google Android; some might use Android Open Source Project or AOSP. That is why an Android TV Box will make different suggestions than a phone running Google Android.

Apple devices are entirely in a league of their own. Apple users (especially those locked in the ecosystem) will see the same suggestions for words and acronyms across devices unless they are using a software keyboard.

Installing a third-party software keyboard such as Microsoft SwiftKey will override default word and acronym suggestions.

Examples of Using PFP (profile pic)

Examples of PFP meaning “profile pic.”

  • Sandy wants to see PFP.
  • Your PFP looks awesome!
  • Upload a PFP for me.
  • Where is your PFP?

Examples of Using PFP (picture for proof)

Examples of PFP meaning “picture for proof” normally occur in dialogue.

  • Gary: I rolled snake eyes!
  • Hank: No way! You didn’t! I need a PFP…
  • Josh: He ate the whole chicken himself!
  • Bob: The whole chicken? Send me a PFP.
  • Janet: He was going to send a PFP.
  • Amy: I didn’t see any PFP!
  • John: There is no clear soda on the menu.
  • Maggie: Maybe you don’t know what it is called. Send a PFP.

Meaning of VFP

Another one that goes right along with PFP is VFP, which anyone guesses easily means “video for proof.”

Examples of Using VFP

In this case, Bess wants VFP.

  • Nick: Carrie is getting ready to accept her award!
  • Bess: I don’t believe it! Send a VFP.

Sending a VFP does not necessarily mean proving anything.

  • Bess: Carrie wants to upload her award acceptance on FB.
  • Nick: I will send a VFP.

Here it is Bess telling Nick she needs a VFP to upload to Facebook.

Acronyms in Usage

Acronyms can be convenient, but they often allow us to forget what real words are commonly used to describe the same thing. Such as in the case of PFP. When used as “profile pic,” PFP meaning matches many words that are like synonyms.

Synonyms for PFP

  • AvatarA very common word for “profile pic”, and usually the one used for online games.
  • IconAlmost as common as “avatar”, icons before the existence of avatars and are a little more old school.
  • PhotoA bio pages may ask for a “personal photo” instead of a “profile pic”.
  • PicOften “pic” is the shortened form of “personal pic”, or “pic” is used alone.

All of these words are synonyms to each other but are also synonymous with PFP. Acronyms in usage often take on meanings like true words, though they are phrases. An acronym can be used like a noun, adjective, or verb, just like a real word. Using acronyms in everyday chat and social media for saying things more quickly is part of having an essential online vocabulary.

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