What Is the Abbreviation for Suite?

Are you wondering what the abbreviation of the word “suite” is? You have come to the right places. In this article, we will explain the not one, but two abbreviations for the word “suite.”

Definition of Suite

When it comes to the word suite there are far more definitions than you’d assume at first glance, however as we go through them the common thread between all of them will ideally become apparent.

The first definition we have for suite reads:

A set of connected rooms, more often than not in a hotel.

However, a suite can as well refer to any of the following:

  • A complete set of furniture that has to be kept together.
  • A group of followers of attendants in the service of another person
  • An ordered series of dances or instrument performances in a larger musical composition (such as “The Nutcracker Suite” or “Bach Cello Suites”)

As such the common element regardless of the context is the idea of various items or events that form a single set. A suite is first and foremost a group of elements, and what kind of suite people are referring to can vary wildly based on the context. Nonetheless in common usage chances are you’ll come across suite to refer to the room meaning.

How Do You Abbreviate Suite

In English, there are two abbreviations for the word “suite” which are:

  • Ste.
  • STE

There’s no other difference besides capitalization and in fact that “Ste” can be written without the period, so it’s really important to keep the capitalization in mind. After all, unlike most abbreviations, “Ste.” and “STE” are to be used in different contexts since they are not interchangeable.

Synonyms for Suite

The main synonyms for suite while trying to keep the general meaning are: Collection, Set, Batch, Array, Group and Series.

Many more synonyms pop up if you are looking for one of the specific uses of suite, such as: Composition, Network, Apartment and Retinue.

However, for the latter, most of those synonyms only apply to a single use of the word, so context becomes even more important than usual.

When to Use the Abbreviations

Suite abbreviation is interesting because it’s one of those few key cases where multiple abbreviations do in fact lead to different uses. STE and Ste. are in fact not interchangeable so it’s important to always keep that in mind.

Starting with STE we find that it’s an abbreviation that exclusively refers to suite in the context of an apartment or residence. And perhaps more importantly it’s only used when it comes to addresses in particular. STE is the proper abbreviation to use when writing postal addresses and filling out package forms, but only on those cases, and outside of them using that abbreviation is considered inaccurate.

As such Ste. is the main way to abbreviate suite most of the time that can be used whenever we want to abbreviate the word, not just addresses. As such the general rules of abbreviation apply for it. You should only use Ste. when brevity is a requirement, such as newspaper headers, presentation cards, musical compositions, and long reports. Ste. is not meant to be used in regular prose and generally, will be seen as a grammatical error to do so.

Some Examples of When to Use the Abbreviations

  • Send to: Red Street N17 STE 14
  • The composer’s ste. was a once in a lifetime spectacle
  • The king’s ste. arrived before his majesty

Other Postal Abbreviations Used by the USPS (United States Postal Service)

ALY Alley

ANX Annex

BCH Beach

BLDG Building

BND Bend

BRG Burg

BRK Brook

BYP Bypass

BLF Bluff

BTM Bottom

CLB Club

CMN Common

CRES Crescent

CRK Creek

CRSE Course

CRST Crest

CSWY Causeway

CTR Center

EXPY Expressway

FLD Field

FLT Flat

FRD Ford

FRG Forge

FRK Fork

FWY Freeway

GDN Garden

GLN Glen

GRN Green

GRV Grove

GTWY Gateway

HBR Harbor

HOLW Hollow

HVN Haven

HWY Highway

INLT Inlet

JCT Junction

KNL Knoll

LCK Lock

LDG Lodge

LGT Light

LNDG Landing

MDW Meadow

MNR Manor

MSN Mission

MTN Mountain

NCK Neck

ORCH Orchard

PLN Plain

PLZ Plaza

PKWY Parkway

PRT Port

RADL Radial

RDG Ridge

RIV River

RNCH Ranch

RPD Rapid

RTE Route

SHLS Shoals

SHR Shore

SMT Summit

SPG Spring

STRM Stream

SQ Square

TRCE Trace

TRL Trail

TPKE Turnpike

TUNL Tunnel

VLG Village

VLY Valley

VW View

WLS Wells

XING Crossing


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